Rising Cards Through

Another effect with threaded cards -- a bit out of the ordinary.


Three cards are selected by spectators and replaced in the deck. Deck is thoroughly shuffled and placed in a glass cup. A soft felt hat is now dropped over the cards. The magician commands and the chosen cards rise up one at a time through the hat.


2 -- A soft felt hat, especially prepared for Rising Cards.

3 -- Fine black silk thread.

4 -- A glass cup that will hold a deck of cards. A kitchen measuring cup will do.


(Method of Working)

To Prepare:

Have a card case made of tin, as in Figure 18. Punch a few holes in this case.

TTVlu HAT X tfr&E fSETNitN

In one side of the crown of the felt hat, just a little inside of the top edge, cut a hole. Leave the lining intact. Insert the tin case in this opening in hat. Sew around the case to hold it in place between the lining and the hat. Glue the opening around the case. Figure 33.


Figure 34 shows prepared hat. It is placed with prepared side toward audience and nothing unusual is visible. The opening at the top is made inside of the top edge so that it will not be visible from a side view of the hat.

Thread three cards, duplicates of which you are going to FORCE, between four indifferent cards. Place them all in the tin case. Edges of cards should be just a little below edge of case. Thread free end of the thread into a needle. Carry it from top edge of case across dent in crown of hat and through the other side of crown. See Figure 33.

TTVlu HAT X tfr&E fSETNitN

Run the thread off stage to an assistant or make an arrangement whereby you can control pulling of the thread yourself.

To Perform:

FORCE duplicates of the three cards which you have threaded on three different spectators. Have them returned to deck and shuffled in by another spectator.

Place cards in glass cup, facing audience, and place cup on table. Pick up hat at top with left hand, covering opening in hat with palm of hand. Show hat all around without calling verbal attention to same, and especially inside. If carefully prepared, the inside shows nothing unusual.

Drop hat apparently carelessly over the cards and cup. In reality be very careful to set hat down with prepared side straight toward audience. Also be sure that cards in case are facing toward audience. Figure 35.

Have the thread pulled when desired and the three selected cards will apparently rise one at a time right through the hat. Figure 26.

This effect is novel and makes a big hit. I am going to let you write your own patter for this experiment. I am sure you will experience no difficulty in doing so and will find it great fun.

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