Rising Cards Through Handkerchief

This effect is a variation for either of the two preceding tricks. Instead of holding the handkerchief and shaking it so that the cards slip out of the bottom, the position of the handkerchief is reversed so that the card or cards rise out of the top.

The card or cards can easily be pushed up by first finger of right hand. See Lesson 9, Figure 15. The same principle applies here.

The audience does not see your first finger working up the card. To them it appears that the card is slowly FRONT pushing its way up through the top of the handkerchief. Figure 37.

Figure 38 shows the rear view of your effect, which the audience does not see. Your hand is clasped around the deck in the handkerchief and your index finger is working the card slowly upward.

When three cards are caused to rise, you proceed in this manner: Place three cards together as if they were one. When making them rise, first push up the top one, then the second one, and finally the third.

Before the cards rise they are arranged as in Figure 35, except that handkerchief is turned to bring opposite end of cards up.

If you desire to show both sides of handkerchief before making the cards rise, simply push the cards back under the handkerchief so that they are concealed by its folds. Then after rear of handkerchief has been shown, push cards back into place. Only a slight movement of the right thumb will get the cards into position.

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