Review Of Principles

The History of Magic, I know, must have been very interesting to you. It gives you a bird's-eye view of the development of Magic from ancient to modern times, it gives you an understanding of the two branches of Magic — Sleight of Hand and Necromancy and Divination.

Now read over again my section on Magic as a Science in Lesson 1. You can't read this too many times. I want you to get the spirit of it and the big idea back of it into your mind so well that it becomes a part of you.

I hope you are maintaining the Professional Attitude in your studying. Don't ever let down on your studies and be satisfied with amateur ability, but keep your determination that you will gain professional skill.

Remember to concentrate on every detail, for as I told you, the simplest details are often the most important.

You must by this time have the ability to hold your hands in a natural position. Don't let it go at that. Keep this constantly in mind and watch for any awkwardness.

To summarize the three lessons, I will list for you the fundamental things, which we studied, upon which the whole Art of Magic and every trick depend. Review my discussion of these principles. Do not be satisfied with any less than a complete understanding of them for they are vital. Then go through the tricks of the three lessons again with the following in mind:

1 - Naturalness of Hands

2 - Angle of Visibility

3 - Good Presentation of Patter

4 - Power of Suggestion

5 - Credulity of People

6 - Art of Misdirection

7 - Finger Palming

8 - Thumb Tip Manipulation

Now just think of these eight important elements in the presentation of your tricks. The ordinary magician does not give some of these things a thought. He probably uses them unconsciously, but not with the understanding which comes from conscious knowledge of the scientific aspect of magic. He would not know what you were talking about if you asked him what part the Power of Suggestion plays in magic. Therein lies the difference between the ordinary magician and the kind of magician you will be when you have completed this course. Therein lies the difference between the ordinary magician and you as the scientific magician you will become because you are studying this magic course, which has been written from the scientific standpoint.

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