Place in hat, covering top of firecracker with right hand. When it is well down in hat, allow firecracker to slip out of shell on to bottom of hat. Raise end of firecracker again far enough to free shell from it. With right hand still in hat, holding shell, call attention to yellow firecracker in left hand.

"The next is yellow."

Place left hand in hat so that yellow firecracker can be slid into shell easily. When this is accomplished, allow yellow firecracker with red shell over it to lie on bottom of hat beside red firecracker.

Figure 4.

"And the last is green." Place green firecracker in hat.

"Ruth, can you remember that many colors? Let me remove one of the firecrackers."

Pick up the yellow firecracker with the red shell over it and remove it from hat. To all appearances, it is the red firecracker.

"If I remove the red one, what colors are left in the hat? That's right — yellow and green. Let me wrap this red firecracker in a piece of paper."

Roll sheet of paper around the firecracker and hold it in place with the rubber band.

Figure 5.

Give it to Ruth to hold, warning her to hold it straight horizontally.

"Do you feel the firecracker all right? Well, hold on to it tight and do not let it fall out of the paper to the floor. You say, Ruth, that we have a yellow and green firecracker left in the hat. Choose either color that you want. Use your own free will in making the choice. Which color do you choose?"

Assume that she chooses the yellow one.

"Yellow. Now, Ruth, remember that I gave you your own free choice in the matter. Now I shall give Ben the remaining green firecracker to use as a magic wand. Ben, did you ever startle an audience with prestidigitation? Well, you can

"If we look inside the hat do it now. You can hold the wand and wave it when I tell you to."

Have Ben hold hat with left hand and take green firecracker from you with his right hand.

"As matters stand, I think Ben has the green firecracker, Ruth the red one, and the yellow one is left in the hat. All right, Ben, waive the wand. Ruth, you selected the yellow one, didn't you? The fairies must have heard you for they took the red one away from you and gave you the yellow one instead. It all happened when Ben waved his magic wand."

As you say this, take paper tube from Ruth and grasping shell from outside of paper, tilt tube so that yellow firecracker will slide out into your hand.

Figure 6.

Give yellow firecracker to Ruth and toss paper tube with shell inside carelessly on table. In this way, audience is led to believe that there is nothing inside of paper tube. You may even give Ruth a quick glance inside of paper tube before tossing it aside. When shown quickly, shell will not be visible to her inside of paper tube.

"If we look inside the hat

Take hat from boy with left hand and turn it so that opening is toward audience. At the same time, remove red firecracker with right hand.

"We find that the red firecracker has traveled over here."

Take firecrackers from children and thank them for assisting you.

When Ruth is given her choice of colors between yellow and green, suppose she chooses green. In this case, remove the green firecracker from the hat and give it to Ben. Then proceed as follows:

"Remember, Ruth, I gave you your own choice color. Seeing as how we are going to use this as a wand for Ben, we have to be quite particular. Ben here is quite a prestidigitator. I think Ruth believes you are Irish because she selected the green wand for you. Now, Ben has the green firecracker. Ruth, what color have you? Red, you say. Wave your wand, Ben."

Take paper tube from Ruth and let yellow cracker slide out of it. Toss paper aside.

"You see, Ben is playing tricks on us, Ruth. You have the yellow cracker and not the red one. However, I believe we will find the red one here in the hat."

Remove the red cracker from the hat and show hat to be empty. Return hat if borrowed and dismiss children to conclude experiment.


This effect is one of Kolar's favorites. It has a flash finish in the nature of a surprise. Though this is not a trick definitely in the classification of Oriental Magic, it fits nicely into an Oriental program.


Performer blows up a toy rubber balloon and gives it to lady assistant to hold in her left hand. In her right hand, she holds a wand. Magician then shows a few colored silks and places them in a cloth bag. Suddenly bag is turned wrong side out and silks are shown to have vanished. Magician then touches balloon with wand and it disappears, leaving the silks in its place.


1 -- A toy rubber balloon. This should be large enough to hold a few silks before it is blown up. The kind which sells at ten cents each retail is the best. In quantity lots, you can buy them cheaper.

2 -- Magician's wand with sharp-pointed needle in end. Figure 7 shows balloon and prepared wand.

3 -- From four to six silks of various colors, 13-inch size. Four to six duplicate silks.

4 -- Changing Bag. Use of this was taught to you in Lesson 14.


To Prepare:

Push silks into opening of balloon. If they are packed in carefully, balloon will not look suspicious. Place prepared balloon on table with duplicate silks, Changing Bag, and wand.

To Perform:

Pick up balloon. Blow it up and give to assistant to hold in left hand. Have her hold opening of balloon tight so that air will not escape. Give wand to assistant to hold in right hand.

Figure 8.

Show duplicate silks freely and place them over your left forearm.

Pick up Changing Bag and turn it inside out and back again. Place the silks in it, then turn bag inside out again to show silks have vanished.

Take wand from assistant and with needle-point, prick balloon. The balloon bursts and the silks come flying out. To audience, it appears that balloon vanished and the silks appeared in its place. They are not aware of needle on end of wand which causes balloon to burst.

Figure 9.

Kolar has many variations for performing this experiment. One way is to have a large quantity of silks in balloon and have balloon, already blown up, brought in by assistant. Balloon is then punctured and a shower of silks falls to the floor. Another method is to have balloon suspended up high and have assistant fire shot from air gun from the wings to puncture balloon and release silks.

When Kolar uses an uninflated balloon and blows it up before his audience, he uses this bit of Showmanship. He has three or four balloons on a tray or table. One of these is loaded with silks and another is scratched thin in one spot with a pin or knife. First, he picks up the scratched balloon and blows it up, only to have it burst. Audience thinks it burst accidentally. Then he picks up the prepared balloon and blows it up, proceeding with experiment.

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