When Ball hangs on back of hand, it should be in position shown in Figure 3.


Sleeves may be rolled up to elbow or not, as you wish.

Have Ball under a handkerchief on table, or have both Ball and handkerchief in your right coat pocket.

Pick up handkerchief with Ball concealed. Secretly slip right thumb through catgut loop. Turn right side toward audience. Hold handkerchief suspended from left hand and point at it with right hand. Ball is concealed in palm of right hand.

Figure 4 shows view away from audience.

Open right fingers and bring right hand to middle of handkerchief. Hold both hands parallel and with rotary motion tuck handkerchief into Ball in right hand. Keep back of right hand to audience.

Figure 5.

As soon as handkerchief is fully concealed in the Ball, close left hand as if you had tucked handkerchief into it and bring hand a few inches away from right. Spread right fingers wide apart to show nothing concealed. The catgut or fine white thread is not visible to audience.

Figure 6.

Point at left hand gracefully with right forefinger and slowly open left hand to show that handkerchief has vanished.

To Show Both Hands Empty by Showing Both Sides of Each:

Bring right hand above left, still keeping back of it to audience.

Figure 7 shows view away from audience.

Lower right hand, allowing Ball to drop down behind left hand.

Figure 8 shows view away from audience.

Keep thumbs of both hands crossed and raise right hand so that palms of both hands are now exposed.

Figure 9 is a view away from audience.

Figure 10 shows hands as audience sees them. Ball is concealed behind left hand.

Bring right hand down to position shown in Figure 8 and separate hands as in Figure 7. Now turn left hand so that backs of both hands are exposed. You have now shown backs and fronts of both hands.

Bring left hand up against right, keeping your fingers close together and curled inward slightly.

Figure 11.

Turn your body to the right so that left side is now toward audience.

Keep thumbs crossed and raise right hand to show backs of both hands together. Ball hangs concealed in left palm.

Figures 12 and 13.

Curve right fingers inward and bring them down in back of Ball.

Figures 14 and 15.

Figure 17.

Straighten right hand and Ball comes on back of right hand.

Figure 16.

Draw left hand aside and turn it over to show palm. Spread fingers wide apart as you expose palms of both hands.

Figure 17.

To Produce Silk—

Reverse routine of movements, starting with Figure 16 and working back through to Figure 5. Produce silk by pulling it out of Ball with left hand. Hold it out between both hands.

Figure 18.

To Vanish Three Silks at Once—

Vanish first silk in Ball and show both sides of hands as taught to you above up to Figure 10. Do not turn your body.

Pick up the next silk and vanish it in similar manner, and then vanish the third silk the same way. Turn left side to audience and work up to step shown in Figure 17.

Now for production of the three silks, work back from Figure 17 to Figure 5 and produce them one at a time as in Figure 18. As each silk is produced, place it over left forearm. Get rid of Ball by placing it on table under the three silks or placing it in pocket with silks.

Stillwell, the Magician, varied this effect by placing a number of these Balls loaded with silks around his stage where he could get at them easily. He then produced many silks from his empty hands and finished with a production of larger silks from the smaller ones.

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