Rapid Production Of Rabbit From


Performer shows hat empty, then suddenly extracts a rabbit from it.


To Prepare:

Place a small rabbit in rabbit pocket under left side of coat.

To Perform:

Show hat empty and place opening of hat against edge of coat at waistline or a little higher. Under cover of hat, reach into rabbit pocket with right hand, grasp rabbit by ears and pull him out of pocket behind hat.

Begin to pull rabbit upward and as it reaches position shown in Figure 26, turn opening of hat upward. This brings back of rabbit into hat for a moment as you continue to pull him upward.

Figure 27.

The effect is that you pulled rabbit suddenly out of an empty hat. In reality, you pulled him up from behind hat and had only his hind legs in hat for a moment to show him coming out of hat. This takes coordination of movements and proves most effective when done right.

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