Rapid Banking


Performer shows one envelope with the word Bank printed on it and a plain envelope, both empty. Performer borrows a

dollar bill and tells owner to remember number on bill for identification. He then places this bill in the empty envelope marked Bank. Taking out his check book, he writes himself a check for $1, places it in the other envelope, and seals the envelope. Magician tells of the difficulty one encounters in trying to get checks cashed while traveling and says he is fortunate in always being able to get checks cashed instantly. He tears open the envelope marked Bank and there, instead of the dollar bill, is the check. He opens the other envelope and finds the dollar bill there. He returns it to the owner and asks him to identify it by number.


1--Two DOUBLE ENVELOPES, as described in last effect, preferably one of one color and one of another color.

3--Check book.

4--Pen to write check.

5-- A dollar bill borrowed from audience. SECRET AND PATTER:

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