Radiate Goodwill And Pleasantness

You must start "right off the bat" with a kindly feeling for every person in your audience. You know from your own experience that when you like a person and show it, that person reciprocates your friendliness. So it is with your audience. Radiate GOOD-WILL AND PLEASANTNESS and you will get it in return from your audience. You will ward off antagonism. From the first moment you are before your audience you must win them over.

A performer is always sensitive to antagonism toward him in his audience and it handicaps him in his work. If by your attitude you gain the friendliness of the audience, you have half the battle won. You have put your spectators in a receptive mood and consequently your effects go over big.


You must remember, however, not to overdo in your effort to please your audience. ALWAYS KEEP YOUR DIGNITY. This does not mean that you must be stiff and aloof — that would never do; but it means that you must never lower your standards and do something that will cause people to lose respect for you.

In your bearing, in your manner, and in your speech, never resort to cheapness or undue smartness in your zeal to make a hit. A little reserve along with your pleasantness will make a hundred-fold better impression with your spectators than boisterousness.

In line with this, let me say a word about your speech. WATCH YOUR ENGLISH. This is tremendously important in your success. When you are among educated people, you must be very careful not to get this reaction from them, "Yes, his tricks were good, but how he did abuse the English language!" and when you are among very ignorant people, you must be correct in your speech so that they will look up to you and admire you.

Remember always to speak distinctly.

In Magic the trick is the thing that you want people talking about. You must raise no counter-influences to distract their attention from your experiments, as poor English will do.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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