Fold right side of paper over in front. Figure 45.

Then fold left side of paper over in front. Figure 46.

Fold top half-inch down in front. To all appearances, the half dollar is wrapped securely in the paper, but in reality the coin is in the rear partition with an opening at the top. Figures 47 (rear view) and 48 (front view).

Turn paper over so that opening is right hand as in Figure 49.

downward and hold in

If someone is near you, let him feel the coin in the paper. Then allow the coin to slide out into your right hand, Finger Palm it, and take paper in left hand. Now all that remains to be done is to get rid of the coin in one of your pockets and then tear the paper up. Or, if you desire, you may tear up the paper with the coin still Finger Palmed and then produce the coin from some suitable place.

Method 2:

Place coin in center of paper. Figure 50

Fold up bottom third of paper to cover coin. Figure 51

Fold down top third. Figure 52.

Grip right end of paper with thumb and first and second fingers of right hand. Figure 53.

Fold over left third of paper, and as you do so, turn paper up to vertical position and let coin slip down from center of paper to bottom near right hand. Figure 54.

Now fold over bottom or right-hand third with coin in it. Figure 55.

As the coin is in the rear fold and near the end of the paper, it can be easily slipped out from opening into right hand in Finger Palm position. Figure 56.

Tear paper into small pieces or burn it.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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