Study and analyze them slowly, but keep practicing them faster and faster as you master them. You will find that after you know the movements, it is easier to do them fast. There is a certain speed necessary for graceful movements, yet do not overdo it.

Simplified Back and Front Hand Palm

This is a favorite method of Paul Fuchs, a clever manipulator. It eliminates a number of movements and thus simplifies matters. You must watch ANGLES OF VISIBILITY carefully in this method.


Back Palm card and show palm as in Figure 13. Turn hand in usual manner shown in Figures 14, 15, 16. Instead of straightening fingers, however, go only as far as Figure 15. Audience sees part of back of hand and believes that Magician has shown all of back of hand.

Then turn palm of hand to audience again, concealing card on back of hand.

This method is really nothing but a series of movements in which you open and close hand as you turn it.

This effect is very pleasing when Mr. Fuchs shows his hand empty and suddenly produces a fan of a dozen cards.

Production of Cards One at a Time from Back of Hand Method 1--

A number of cards, say five, are Back Palmed on right hand and palm of hand is shown empty.

Curl fingers inward and place thumb on corner of cards. Figure 20.

Push outer card upward a little with thumb and release lower corner from little finger.

Figure 21.

Hold cards securely by pressing thumb down on second finger. Raise first finger and put it back of top card.

Figure 22.

Figure 23.

Push first finger down to lower corner of outer card. Straighten fingers out, bringing remaining four cards on back of hand again. The produced card is exposed between thumb and first finger.

Figure 23.

Drop card to table or floor, then produce two more cards in the same manner. Before producing the last two, show both sides of hand empty and suddenly bring out the fourth card and then the fifth.

Many conjurers bring hand to position shown in Figure 15 as they produce each card and then to position in Figure 23.

This production requires artistic presentation. Practice until you can make the cards appear at your finger-tips as though you suddenly plucked them from the air.

Method 2-

The effect is similar to that produced by Method 1, but the mode of operation is different.

Hand is in position in Figure 13 with cards on back. Curve fingers in and place thumb on outer card. Push down card with thumb until it is free of first finger.

Figure 24.

Bring index finger back of outer card. Figure 25.

Push index finger between outer card and remaining four cards. Grip outer card between thumb and back of first joint of index finger.

Figure 26.

Release lower corner of outer card from little finger. Figure 27.

Straighten fingers. The four cards are concealed again on back of hand and the produced card is shown between thumb and forefinger of right hand.

Figure 2 8.

Production of Cards One at a Time from Front of Hand In this production back of hand is shown to audience.

Figure 29.

Palm several cards, say five, in regular fashion. Corner AC is gripped right in the ball of the forefinger.

Figure 29.

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