Quick Release Double Knot

This is a real double knot, but you easily make it into a slip knot which can be released quickly.


Performer ties the ends of two handkerchiefs together in a double knot. At his will, the knot unties quickly.


Tie A and B in a single knot, looping A over and under B.

Figure 23.

Hold B securely with thumb and forefinger of left hand and lower part of silk with other fingers. Hold A in same manner with right fingers. Slip second finger of left hand under A where it first loops over B and press finger against B.

Figure 24.

Bring end A in right hand down a little toward you and up again over second finger of left hand.

Figure 25.

Now bring end A back of and around end B. Loop it through B to make a single knot and bring end A out to the right again. Study Figure 26 carefully so that you get the proper looping of the two ends.

Hold silks as in Figure 27. Do not pull on A. Pull B above and below the knot to tighten it.

Figure 27.

The object of pulling on B is to get it into a straight line, thereby making a slip knot of A. B now merely runs through A.

Figure 2 8.

By pulling silks apart below the knot, it quickly disappears. An effective way of dissolving the knot is to hold the silks as in Figure 22, and then roll them around the right hand, releasing the knot as you do so under cover of left hand.

Continue wrapping handkerchiefs around hand, and then unroll them suddenly to show that knots have dissolved.

By tying silks farther from ends, you can tie several knots on top of the double knot, following the principle used in the second tying of the double knot. Slip knot each as you tie it, and the knots will readily dissolve when you pull the silks apart.

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