Production Of Rabbit From Silks

This is a good method for producing a good-sized rabbit. EFFECT:

After producing a good quantity of silk from a hat or box, Magician picks up the mass of silk and calls attention to the fact that it is so bulky that it could never be put back into the hat again. Suddenly he discovers a rabbit among the silks and pulls him out, wiggling and squirming, from the mass.


2 -- A chair, preferably of dining-room type. In emergency a folding chair can be used.

3 -- A special rabbit bag. SECRET:

To Prepare:

The Chair -- Cover top of chair with a decorative drape to conceal it. It is easy to make a drape and put two small strings at two corners for trying it on -- or it may be tacked on with a few thumb tacks.

In the center of the back of the chair, drive a four-penny nail. Have it slant upward and far enough out from chair so that you can hang a bundle on it securely. Some performers prefer using a nail without a head or with a very small head to speed up working.

Figure 31.

The Rabbit Bag -- I shall explain here the Four-Ring Rabbit Bag, and farther on I shall tell you about other types of Rabbit Bags.

The Four-Ring Bag is very simple. Just make a bag of dark-colored cloth, large enough to hold the rabbit. Hem the top well so that four rings can be sewn securely into place -- one at each end and one at each side. When the rabbit is put into the bag, feet down and head up so that he rests easily, pull the rings together in this order: first, 1 and 2, then 3 and 4. All four rings are thus ready to slide over nail on back of chair. Have rings about an inch in diameter so that finger can be inserted in sliding off nail.

Figures 32 and 33.

For comfort of rabbit, sometimes a pasteboard bottom is placed in bag. Frank Caesar, a prominent Magician, sometimes uses a tin or china plate in bottom of bag for rabbit to sit on — then before or after producing the rabbit, he produces a plate for him to sit on.

Figure 34.

Figure 35 shows Rabbit Bag arranged on back of chair. This is turned away from audience so that they cannot see it.

To Perform:

After you have produced silks, spread them over top of chair. They will fall behind and over top part of Rabbit Bag.

Figure 36.

As you remove silks from chair, insert second finger of right hand into rings of Rabbit Bag and slide them off nail. Raise Bag up under cover of silks and come forward with it.

Figure 37.

Remark about the difficulty of getting so many silks back into the hat again. Look at silks a moment.

Grasp Ring No. 1 through the silks with left hand and release other rings from right hand. The bag falls open. Reach in with right hand, grasp rabbit securely by the ears, and bring him out.

Figure 38.

Show rabbit to audience. The silks in left hand conceal the rabbit bag. Drop silks and place rabbit over left arm. Pet him a bit so that children in audience can get a good look at him.

Figure 39.

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