Practice All These Basic Moves With Both Hands

2 - Back and Front Hand Palming With Thimble:

This enables you to show both back and front of hand empty and yet have a thimble in your hand.

This move is to bring thimble quickly from Thumb Palm position to back of hand and then back into crotch of thumb again.

Thimble is held Thumb Palmed as in Figure 19. Bring all fingers back and grip thimble between first and third fingers. Tip of second finger is in front of opening of thimble. Release thimble from thumb and lift it up in fingers. Second finger goes under opening of thimble and first and third fingers grip edges. Your fingers pivot the thimble slightly to bring it into this position resting flat on second finger.

Figure 20.

Extend fingers and thimble is brought to rear of hand, resting on second finger and gripped between first and third fingers.

Figure 21.

Now close fingers into palm of hand again and bring thimble back into Thumb Palm position.

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