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Close box of matches with right hand. This automatically forces tip out of cover. You now have Tip on thumb, end of it facing audience. Drop match-box on table with right hand.

"But here is where the Hindoo teacher taught his philosophy of life. He would show his left hand containing nothing."

Show left hand for a second, thumb tip towards audience. Then drop hand a bit, concealing tip behind fingers.

"And with his empty right hand he would take up a pinch of ashes."

Show right hand so that all are convinced that it contains nothing. Then with first finger and thumb reach into saucer and take a pinch of ashes.

"See -- one needs but a pinch of ashes."

As you show ashes, hold up both hands for a second with thumbs pointing toward audience. Look at ashes and as you do so, close left fist around thumb tip. Finger palm tip and allow thumb to come out.

"Then one rubs them a moment with both hands."

Bring hands together, and with right index finger take strip of paper from thumb tip.

"And under the warmth of human touch we find the ashes materializing into the paper strip again."

Unfold paper. Then hold it at each end and show both sides.

"According to the Hindoo philosopher, nothing can be destroyed. Every deed we do is registered in the great scheme of things. Life is constantly changing. Form transfers itself into other forms, but matter is never destroyed. The tissue that was turned to ashes has changed back to tissue again, proving that the Hindoo was right and that in the final analysis nothing can be destroyed."

Let paper fall on table. As paper falls, bring thumb into tip again. Show both hands for a moment and drop them again.

Get rid of tip by placing box of matches or strip of paper Into pocket or by reaching into pocket for some article for next effect.


You will find that in some experiments the match-box is valuable for getting rid of the thumb tip as well as for producing it.

Tip is on left thumb. Pick up match-box with right hand, transfer to left, push drawer out with left thumb. Tip goes into box and forces box open. Leave tip in cover and remove thumb. Take match from box and use it for some purpose -- to light a candle or cigarette. Tip fits snugly into matchbox cover so that box can be placed on table, keeping end with tip away from audience.


This effect looks the same to the audience, but the method of handling thumb tip is somewhat different.

Have box of matches, strip of paper and saucer on table. Thumb tip with duplicate strip of paper is on left thumb.

Show hands empty. Pick up strip of paper with right hand. Finger palm tip in left hand. Show strip freely and tear it into small pieces. Hold torn pieces with first finger and thumb of left hand. Pick up dish with right hand and give it to spectator. Transfer torn pieces to right hand and place them in saucer.

Pick up match-box. Light paper or have spectator light it. Pick up pinch of ashes with right hand. Manipulate tip back onto left thumb, showing palms of hands empty.

Finger palm tip again, bring hands together, pretending to rub ashes. Take strip from tip with first finger of right hand and show paper freely. Roll paper up into ball and place in pocket, leaving tip with it.

You can begin to see now why it is so necessary to learn a principle and the way of handling a piece of apparatus well.

I explained to you in Lesson 2 the Thumb Tip Manipulation Principle and gave you four effects with the tip. Today I gave you another effect using the tip, and as we go along, you will find more and more use for it.

Keep your tip in good condition. If it shines too much, a good temporary duller is to rub it with a soft pencil eraser. It will have to be painted with dull drying Japan paint occasionally, according to directions given you in Lesson 2. Be careful to paint the tip as near your skin color as possible. You will have to experiment to get the right shade for your skin. It is well worth the trouble for it will make your thumb tip as nearly indetectable as possible.


In this effect you have a chance to show your ability as a milliner. It is another version of the Torn and Restored Paper Effect and is an excellent trick for an audience which has women in it.

Every magician must know how to construct his own paraphernalia. He must know how to do this for several reasons: First, the paraphernalia he needs may not be available at the time he needs it and if he knows how to make his

own, he need not depend on anyone else; Second, because of the secrecy of methods, he is able to keep his secret to himself by making his own paraphernalia; and Third, making his own paraphernalia leads to originality and inventiveness on the part of the magician. And I hope some day to see you making original effects of your own.

With this effect I teach you a little constructive work to start you in the fascinating work of making your own paraphernalia.

Magician shows two sheets of tissue paper on both sides. He places them together and tears them into a number of pieces. Then he folds the pieces into a small wad. The paper is opened and is found to have been transformed into a French tissue paper hat, which Magician places on his head or on the head of a lady in the audience.


To Prepare:

Here I will teach you how to construct the paper hat. Materials you will need are:

Tube of glue or good paste, pair of scissors, piece of black tissue paper, 15 inches square, two strips of green tissue, each 2 3/4 inches wide and 14 inches long.

Take the square of black tissue paper.

Fold paper over in half. Fold both sides over and paste down. Fold over top corners and paste down. Take strip of green tissue.


Paste strip on black tissue as shown above.

Paste other strip on opposite side.

Turn hat over. Fold both strips over to this side and paste down.

When dry, hat is ready to be folded for trick.

When dry, hat is ready to be folded for trick.

Fold in half. Fold green flap up at bottom. Fold top down.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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