Physical Phenomena Exposed

Due probably in a measure to the publications of David P. Abbott, Hereward Carrington, Henry Ridgeley Evans, Joseph F. Rinn, and others, about twenty years ago, exposing the methods of these fake mediums in various parts of America, investigators began to flash lights on trumpet mediums and to grab the "spirit" in a materializing seance, or in other ways to catch the medium cheating. A reaction set in and physical phenomena got a set back from which they have not yet recovered.

Today physical phenomena mediums are practically nonexistent except in the mid-western states. There are only a few slate writing mediums working today, while table tilting and rap producing mediums are little known among the present generation of spiritualists. Trumpet and materializing mediums are still found in the large cities of the middle west, but are few in number in other parts of the country.

Years ago most spiritualists believed in trumpet speaking, but today, even in Chicago, formerly the mecca of trumpet workers, probably only one in a hundred believes in that phase of mediumship. Trumpet and materializing seances today usually

have about one-fifth the number of people they had in the "good old days," and the earnings of mediums have decreased accordingly.

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