Pencil Rapping

Spirit knocks are common in a seance. As spectators sit around a table, knocks are heard on the table. Finally, the knocks answer questions by knocking once for no, twice for yes, and three times for do not know. Here I give you an ingenious method of table rapping with a lead pencil. It may be done in full light or with only a candle burning on the table.


Performer holds a lead pencil with the point on the table and fingers of right hand supporting it at the top in a vertical position. Suddenly knocks are heard and questions are answered with knocks which denote yes, no, or cannot answer.


1 -- A lead pencil with a plain top, no metal or eraser.

Figure 40.

SECRET: To Perform:

Show pencil to spectators seated around table. Place point of pencil on bare table not far from edge and hold top of pencil with right fingers. Have tip of first finger on top of pencil and thumb and second finger at each side, fingers and thumb touching. Third and fourth fingers are free.

Figure 41.

Press tightly down on pencil with thumb, first, and second fingers. Then move thumb slightly upward. A knock

will be heard on the table. It is just the sound of the thumb. The pencil does not move at all. If the table is entirely bare, the knock is quite strong. Try not to have anything on the table which will deaden the sound. Practice will soon enable you to perform this without being detected even though spectators watch closely.

A little rosin on the thumb helps you to grip pencil firmly and produce the raps. The plain thumb, however, held very tight against the pencil will produce a rap with only a little slip upward of the thumb.

By rapping twice for yes, once for no, and three times for "cannot answer," you can answer various questions asked by spectators. Four or five questions are enough.

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