Oriental Magic

In this lesson we continue our study of Oriental Magic. I teach you effects which will make a fine addition to your repertoire.

In Lesson 11, I taught you a thumb tie with pipe cleaners and one with rubber bands. I promised you at that time to teach you another method of performing the thumb tie which does not necessitate pulling the thumb in and out of the tie.

As far as I know, Jap-O-Tie is original with me—although it may have been performed by Japanese Magicians hundreds of years ago. I have used Jap-O-Tie with good success. It is very simple, and yet most elusive. It is so bold in nature that its very boldness adds mystification to it.

Performer's left thumb is securely bound and tied with tape. The same is done with the right thumb. The two thumbs are then placed together and bound tightly. In spite of the tying of his thumbs individually and together, the performer now passes rings and poles between his hands to the complete mystification of all spectators.


1 -- Two pieces of white tape, about % of an inch wide and 12 inches long.

4 -- Two wooden or steel rings about 8 inches in diameter. SECRET AND PATTER:

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