3 -- Two fairly large paper bags.

From these you make a special paper bag. Cut about three inches from the top of one of the bags and push this bag inside of other one so that the two tops are together. Now paste the two bags together on three sides, leaving one long side open. You have two compartments in the special bag—A and B. Make this bag taller than the glass and shorter than the tube.

Figure 45.

4 -- A hollowed out lemon. Take a lemon and with a fruit knife cut off the tip. With a small spoon extract all the pulp from the inside, leaving it perfectly clean. Then replace tip on lemon and secure it in place with three tiny pins. When handled right, this lemon looks unprepared.

Figure 46.

Place this lemon in compartment A of special bag. Figure 47.

6 -- A plate with three lemons on it. SECRET AND PATTER:

To Prepare:

Place glass of lemonade or bottle of pop on the table. Cover it with tube. In front of this place paper bag with hollow lemon concealed. Have fruit knife lying nearby.

Figure 48 shows arrangement and relative size of the various articles.

Bag must act as screen for glass when tube is removed.

Figure 49 is a view away from audience. All audience can see is bag with part of tube above it.

To Perform:

Come forward with plate of lemons.

"I am always looking for new ideas and here you see the fruits of my search. I shall ask someone to select one of these lemons. Please understand that once you have picked a lemon, there can be no 'ap-peal.' Please take one yourself for I would not have it said that I handed you a lemon."

Permit a spectator to select one of the lemons.

"Thank you, sir. We can now refer to this lemon as the Best Selected Fruit. Will you kindly examine the lemon

closely? It is quite solid and juicy, is it not? Perhaps you would like to pass it to some of your friends to convince them that the lemon is quite innocent. Thank you."

Lemon is passed to one or two spectators for examination. Have this done quickly so that the effect will not drag. Take lemon from spectator and walk toward platform, holding lemon high up all the time so that it is never out of sight of audience. When you reach stage, place plate with two remaining lemons on a side table. Direct attention now to selected lemon.

"For good luck I am going to give you this magical problem in rhyme. When a Magic man starts put these days to think up something new, his trials and tribulations are but known to very few. There is a well known saying, 'There are tricks in every trade,' but Magic is a trade of tricks, a hundred in the shade.

"I decided to invent a trick with this yellow piece of fruit; I tried milk bottle and jam jar, but nothing seemed to suit. Twixt gluey fingers and cut thumbs I cast the thing aside, then with this tube of cardboard I finally did collide."

Pick up tube, leaving glass concealed behind paper bag.

See Figure 49.

Look into tube, then hold it up so that spectators can see it is empty.

"I picked it up and looked inside, but, as you can plainly see, it is free from tricks and traps—it's as empty as can be."

Place tube over glass again with left hand while you remove paper bag with right. Bag is lifted at moment tube is on table and completely conceals glass. This move must be perfectly timed so that glass is not accidentally exposed to audience.

Figure 50.

"So I placed it on the table and I pondered for a time -- Thinking about the tube and lemon, but more about this rhyme. Well, I came to the conclusion that my search was not in vain, For with that tube and lemon I would try to entertain."

Take lemon in right hand and place in top of tube, hesitate, and withdraw hand again, palming lemon. You may make this move very suspicious so that audience will think a false move was made and that you did not place lemon in tube. Audience believes you want to conceal true location of lemon. The surprise comes when you show that you did not want to mislead them.

"I place the lemon in the tube. No, that doesn't look quite right. So just in case of accident, we shall keep the fruit in sight."

Bring lemon to right finger-tips and show it to audience.

"Now there is a way to vanish fruit that everybody knows; but that would not be magic as you all know where it goes. So I'll place the lemon in the bag and make it disappear."

With opening of bag tilted away from audience, place lemon between the two open edges of the special bag and allow it to drop into lower compartment B. See Figure 47. There it is concealed between the two bottoms of the bag. Hold the two open edges together and tip bag toward audience to show that lemon is inside. Audience sees the hollow prepared lemon in upper compartment, but believes it is the selected lemon which was just dropped into the bag. Then tilt bag upright again.

"Keep your eyes wide open and you'll see it jump in here."

Point toward tube on table.

"Hocus Pocus Caboosa Bunka!

Now I think I've caused our friend the lemon here to travel, in a truly magic style and a manner that will baffle."

Tilt bag forward so that audience can catch a glimpse of the lemon still in bag. "What's that? The lemon! Oh, do not be alarmed,

I said I'd make the lemon travel and my statement is unharmed."

Remove lemon from bag, placing bag aside. Pick up fruit knife from table and cut lemon through the middle. Take the two halves apart and show hollow insides to audience.

"For, as you see, the lemon has flown—only the skin remains; And what the bag here loses, why the tube most surely gains. But a lemon without a skin would be an awful sight; So it's up to me and my Magic to set the matter right.

"I make a pass quite slowly—to rush it never paid, And I'll restore the lemon.

Make a mysterious pass over the tube, then lift tube from glass with left hand. "In the shape of lemonade."

Show tube empty and pick up glass of lemonade with right hand, showing it freely.

In club work, you may pass lemonade out to a spectator. If using a bottle of lemon pop, you may open bottle, pour contents into a glass, and pass it out—or just keep bottle closed for next show, if you prefer.

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