The legs are of turned wood and have pine nipples inserted in the top, which engage with floor flanges screwed to the bottom of the box. Or, if desired, legs could be made of plain pine stock.

The holes for swords should be about two inches long. While one arrangement is given in illustrations, yet more holes can be added or arrangement changed.

The box and platform should be nicely decorated so as to make a pleasing appearance.


The sword box is in readiness. Nearby on a table are the swords, or these may be held by an assistant.

The box is brought forward. The lid is opened and also the front door. The girl assistant, dressed so as not to have an excess amount of skirt or loose clothes to interfere with swords, comes forward and stands up in box facing the audience.

She then sits down in box as in Fig. 6 (side view). The main idea, too, is to apparently fill the box. You close the lid and then the front door. Secure in place with the catches so door will not accidentally open. Revolve cabinet showing all sides.

Stop cabinet so side of same is facing audience, Fig. 6.

Take a sword and run it suddenly through the center slot. Girl inside cabinet can have a small flashlight concealed in her clothing if necessary, and when sword enters can direct it through to the center hole in opposite side.

Swords are thrust through the box from all sides until swords stick out from practically all directions.

You should practice a routine and each of you know the routine that the swords will enter and go out of box and in the proper order. In this way assistant inside of box will know just what to expect and where to help direct sword for its exit.

Some of the swords will go through at angle and instead of going to the opposite side will exit through the right or left side. In this way you get effect and still miss body of girl assistant.

The spear finally is pushed down through the hole in lid down in front of girl's body, between her legs and through the hole in bottom of box.

The box is revolved to show swords piercing all sides. Fig. 7.

Finally spear is removed then the swords. Box is brought to position then with front door towards audience. The front door is opened, also the lid, and girl stands up in box. She is assisted from box.

The sword illusion is very easy to perform, yet effective. But you must routine it so as to speed up piercing of box with the swords. It is well to number each slot and each side so as to help build a mental picture for

the entrance and exit of each sword.

And do not forget showmanship. (56-5)


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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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