Novel Production Of Rabbit From

In this effect, rabbit is in a black bag, hanging on headless nail behind table. Nail slants upward so that bag will not slide off.

Figure 2 8.

Perform the Miser's Dream with a hat and a few coins. Stand at one side and toward rear of table in preparation for pouring out coins on table. Hold hat, opening upward, in right hand with fingers over edge of hat toward inside and thumb underneath brim. Swing hat around so that it is in position shown in Figure 29. Opening of hat is toward audience so that they can see coins in hat.

Figure 30.

Pour coins out on table and swing right hand around so that it is at rear edge of table and hat is flat down on rear edge of table.

Figure 30.

With left hand pick up several coins and drop them on table for MISDIRECTION. As you do this, grasp loop or rings on rabbit bag at rear of table with right fingers. Retain grasp on hat with thumb and forefinger.

Figure 31.

Raise rear edge of hat upward, getting rabbit bag inside of hat. Be sure to keep lower edge of brim down on table until bag is well concealed in hat. Then turn hat with opening upward, being careful that rabbit bag is not visible. Open bag quickly and produce rabbit.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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