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Produce white ball from behind right knee in this manner: Place right hand back of knee. Lift white ball out of shell into first and second finger position, and bring hand out showing appearance of white ball. Take white ball from finger of right hand placing green ball in shell. Strike balls to prove solid and to show left hand empty. Replace white ball in right fingers and Palm out green ball into left hand.

Figure 61.

Now you perform the "THROW DOWN" COLOR CHANGE:

Hold hands to your right in position shown in Figure 62. This is view of hands as audience sees them.

Raise right hand about twelve inches above left. Then with throwing motion downward, slip white ball into white shell, and just as it is supposed to drop into left hand, expose green ball in left hand. The effect is that you threw the white ball down into left hand and it changed to green as it fell.

Figure 63.

Place green ball between second and third fingers of right hand and steal white ball from shell with left hand. See Figure 40.

Figure 64 shows position of balls at this stage. This view is away from the audience.

Figure 65.

Reach into air with left hand and produce white ball on left fist.

Look at audience in quizzical way after this production, just as though you didn't know how it happened yourself. Then place white ball between first and second fingers of right hand.

Figure 65.

Look at the display of the four balls to MISDIRECT attention as you bring left hand against left side of vest. Press base of thumb against top of RED ball, Vested there. Move right hand downward and upward in sweeping motion, and at the same time, push left thumb against Vested ball, forcing it down into left palm where it is Finger Palmed, or get ball by lifting edge of vest with thumb as you did in your last lesson for getting flag.

Bring left hand up to right and place red ball in white shell.

Figure 66.

Remove red ball and white shell with left hand, being careful not to expose red ball to audience. Show both sides of right hand. Replace shell and ball between thumb and first finger of right hand and show both sides of left hand.

Now bring left hand up to right again and Finger Palm white shell away from red ball. Red ball is now exposed and the effect is that you touched the white ball with your left hand and caused it to change to red.

Figure 67.

Turn right hand over to show that palm is empty and that balls are all solid.

Figure 68.

Drop balls on to dish on table, one at a time. Keep back of hand toward audience and drop red ball first, then white one, then green one, and finally yellow one. Turn palm of right hand with fingers wide apart toward audience to show it empty. Dispose of shell by getting some article from pocket for next trick or in any manner you find suitable for the occasion, such as casually placing hand in pocket for a moment.


If inconvenient for you to carry red ball under vest, have it in left trousers' pocket. Turn right side toward audience as you hold right hand high up to show four balls. Reach into pocket with left hand and Palm out red ball, then turn left side to audience again.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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