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This is a modification of an old magical experiment which is in every magician's repertoire. In its old form it was effective, but in its new dress it is even more wonderful. In the old version only one side of handkerchief could be shown after cards were wrapped. In this version both sides of handkerchief can be shown just before the card starts to penetrate the handkerchief.


Spectator selects a card. This is returned to deck and shuffled thoroughly into it. Magician then borrows a handkerchief in which he wraps the deck and holds it up by the edges of the handkerchief. Both sides of handkerchief are shown. Performer then shakes handkerchief and the chosen card slowly comes down through the handkerchief and drops to the floor.


2 -- A borrowed handkerchief -- or performer may use his own.


Borrow a gentleman's handkerchief and throw it over your left arm.

Request that a spectator select a card and remember it. Have it returned to deck. Perform the SIMPLIFIED PASS to get selected card to top of deck. Shuffle cards well to give audience impression that card is lost in deck.

Place handkerchief over left hand. Hold deck with right hand. Figure 10.

"There is a story told about a fairy godmother who tucks the little fairies in every night, just as I tuck these fairy cards away under this gentleman's handkerchief."

Place right hand with deck of cards, faces up, under handkerchief. Remove left hand from under handkerchief, letting edges of handkerchief fall over right hand. Figure 11.

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Note carefully the position of the cards in the handkerchief. They are diagonal to the edges and the two short edges are in line with two of the corners. Figure 12.

One corner of handkerchief hangs down over right arm toward audience, and the other toward yourself.

Reach over with left hand and grasp deck through the handkerchief. As you do this, quickly palm the selected card in right hand. Figure 13.

Remove right hand with card palmed from under handkerchief.

Remember to watch your Angles of Visibility and Naturalness in palming. Figure 14.

Rotate deck upward so that edge B comes up and deck is straight up and down. Figure 15.

Continue to rotate deck until you have it in position shown in Figure 16. Cards in handkerchief are in line with palmed card in right hand and outer edge of handkerchief falls over back of right hand.

Take cards and handkerchief in right hand, thumb holding them on side toward audience and fingers holding the selected card in back. Figure 17.

Figure 18 shows how selected card is held in back of pack and handkerchief by fingers of right hand. Left side of body is towards audience.

Bring left hand up to pack and grasp it at end opposite that held by right hand. Figure 19.

The moment that you grasp the deck with left hand, slip the selected card in back down about an inch and a half with right fingers. Hold this card in place with fingers and thumb of left hand clasped around deck and handkerchief. Figure 20.

"I fold them in just so."

Fold left side of handkerchief to rear and over selected card. Figure 21.

Then fold over right side of handkerchief so that card is now completely covered. Note carefully the manner in which the handkerchief is folded over the card with edges K and Y just concealing the card. Figure 22.

Now turn other end of pack up and hold deck and selected card through the handkerchief with thumb and fingers of right hand. Figure 23.

Show both sides of handkerchief to audience. They see nothing unusual about the rear side where the handkerchief is folded. Then turn folded side of handkerchief to rear again.

"But every night, one little fellow, when all the rest of the little fairies are asleep, slips away and runs out into the moonlight to dance and play and have a good time."

Begin to shake handkerchief slightly so as to allow first grip on selected card. The card slips slowly down and makes its appearance, apparently coming through the handkerchief. Figure 24.

"Here comes the little fellow now. The Eight of Spades. Was that your card, sir? Right through the fairy covers it comes and gaily flutters away."

Card drops to floor.

Unfold handkerchief and show pack of cards still inside.

"And the rest of the fairy family are still asleep inside. As you see, the fairy covering hasn't been hurt a bit. That explains how Santa Claus comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve."

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Fundamentals of Magick

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