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Performer ties two tapes around a girl assistant's waist. Another girl stands in front of the first and is also bound with the tapes. Two ends of the tapes are given to an assistant and performer, himself, holds the other two ends. At command, the tapes are freed from the girls and are shown stretched out between the performer and his assistant.


1--Two tapes, each about 16 feet long. The tape should be about 1 inch wide, and the length should fit in with the requirements of the performer.

2--A needle threaded with color to match tapes. SECRET:

To Prepare:

Stretch out tapes on top of each other. Take the thread and needle and sew the two tapes together loosely across the middle. Just a loop of double thread through tapes with ends of thread tied together is sufficient.

Figure 52.

Fold up tapes carefully and place aside for use.

To Perform:

Stretch tapes out between two assistants and stand behind tapes. Figure 53.

Place right hand between tapes one to two feet to the right of thread joining tapes. Run hand up against joining.

Figure 54.

Place right thumb on left side of joining between the two tapes.

Figure 55.

Figure 57.

Tie a single knot in front with the tapes.

Figure 59.

Have girls drop the tapes and move to center of stage back of performer. When ends of tapes hang down from right hand, it is easy to place A against B and C against D to fold each tape back on itself. You were taught this same principle in an earlier lesson.

Figure 56.

Grasp tapes over right hand with thumb concealing joining. Audience is not aware of your shifting of the tapes but believe you merely took tapes in your hand in their original position.

Figure 57.

Place tapes around one of the girls with the joining at the back and the ends out toward the front.

Figure 58 shows view away from audience.

Tie a single knot in front with the tapes.

Figure 59.

Have second girl stand in front of first. Tie another single knot in front of her with ONLY ONE of the tapes. Have girls turn slowly around together to show that they are securely bound, then face front again.

Figure 60.

Have assistant hold ends of tapes at the left and you hold ends at the right, or vice versa.

Suddenly say, "Allay!" or make some other command. The rear girl pushes backward to break thread joining tapes and you and assistant pull on tapes. Tapes are released from girls and are stretched straight out in front of them. Separate tapes, holding one above the other to show them.

Figure 61.

Figure 61.

Figure 61A shows a diagram of the arrangement of the tapes around the girls.

Figure 62 shows a diagram of tapes around three girls. Tapes are not tied, but merely crossed, in front of first girl. They are both tied in front of second girl, and then just one is tied in front of third girl. You may tie even more girls together. Just remember that tapes are only CROSSED in front of all girls except the front two.

Rear girl must always step backward to break thread joining tapes and facilitate freeing of the tapes.

This effect requires little equipment, yet it is flashy and can be made most effective. If desired, men assistants may be used instead of girls. Or it may be performed with spectators. If binding a man, tuck a bit of his coat over joining of tapes in back, so fake joint will not be seen when he turns around.

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