Modern Magic

We have traveled far in this little history of Magic. I wanted you to have it as a foundation for your study. I wanted you to know how ancient this Art is and what its significance has been. I wanted you to understand the attitude of people toward it — how it has always held them in its spell and always will. You have watched with me its development through the ages up to the beginning of its present stage.

Modern Magic is a long step from the Magic of old. We no longer regard it as supernatural or "black," but we look upon it as a time-honored Art which has stood the test of centuries undiscovered and is now the most entertaining of Arts.

To me, Magic is a Science. It is based on fundamental principles — not on hit or miss methods. I have tried to trace it as a Science and find its beginnings in the latter half of the Thirteenth Century.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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