Method E

This method is extremely puzzling for it seems that the spectators do the work themselves and allow no opportunity for trickery.

Take a piece of clothesline about seven feet long, and two small pieces about three inches long. Screw a half-Gimmick on each end of the long rope and corresponding half-Gimmicks on one end of each short piece. Fasten the three pieces together.

Figure 57.

Figure 57.

Continue routine as in Method D.

Place rope in hands of spectator at left. As the Gimmicks are near ends of, rope, they hang down and are not noticed. Have this spectator walk over to spectator at right so that latter can cut the rope in half.

Figure 5 8.

As spectator holds the halves of rope apart, you grasp ropes at D and F with your left hand, covering the Gimmicks.

Figure 59.

Ask spectator to drop rope. This brings ends D and F upright in your hand. Cut pieces from D and F so that inch-stubs remain above the Gimmicks. Then give scissors to gentleman at left and have him cut pieces from ends C and E. As he does this, steal the short stubs of rope with right hand. Reach into pocket for magic ring and leave stubs there.

Continue routine as in Method D.

The rope is, of course, restored by snapping the two remaining halves of the Gimmicks together.

Figure 60.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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