Method D


Magician shows a piece of white sash cord about seven and one-half feet long. A spectator is asked to cut the rope in half and the rope is then shown in two pieces. To convince the audience that the rope is actually cut, another spectator is asked to cut a small piece from each of the four ends. Magician then holds an end of each half of the rope and gives the other ends to each of the two spectators to hold. Performer now wraps his two ends of the rope around his left hand. He removes a ring from his pocket and asks spectator at right to thread it on the rope. The ring slides down to his left hand. Suddenly he unwraps the rope and it is seen to be completely restored. The ring is then allowed to slide off other end of rope.


1 -- Two pieces of soft white clothesline, each about three and a half feet in length.

2 -- A short piece of clothesline, six inches long.

5 -- A metal or wooden ring, an inch or more in diameter. SECRET AND PATTER:

To Prepare:

Half of a Gimmick is placed on one end of each long piece of rope. Half Gimmicks are placed on both ends of the short piece of rope. The Gimmicks must be so arranged as to permit you to fasten the short piece between the long pieces of rope and then to remove the short piece and fasten the two long pieces together. Place the short piece between the two long pieces. To audience it appears that you have one long rope.

Figure 51.

Figure 51.

By keeping the rope in motion while performing, the Gimmicks will not be visible.

Place folded rope in right coat pocket, scissors in upper left coat pocket, and ring in right trousers' pocket.

To Perform:

Have two spectators come up to assist you. Place one of them at your right and a little in front of you and the other one in a similar position on your left. For convenience in explaining, let the man at the right be Smith and the one at the left, Jones.

"All of you, no doubt, have heard of the great East Indian Rope Mystery, in which a rope is thrown high into the air where it

Figure 52.

remains suspended so that a boy can climb it and vanish into space. Thousands have told about this mystery, but no one except a very few magicians have been able to solve it. Would either of you two gentlemen like to climb up a rope? Well, perhaps, it will not be necessary. India is famous for its rope tricks--and there is another rope mystery which has not only baffled tourists in India, but has baffled every magician who has ever seen it. A few years ago Dr. Harlan Tarbell of Chicago, an eminent American magician, discovered the secret. He first presented the effect in Paris with great success. Only until recently he was perhaps the only white man who understood the working of this peculiar rope mystery. Dr Tarbell very kindly taught me how to present this ingenious mystery, and I want you now to see this miracle of magic. The Hindu usually performs out in the open with the sky as the top of his theater. To begin his rope miracle, he takes a piece of rope from his pocket similar to this one."

Remove rope from pocket and unfold it, keeping it slightly in motion.

"A rather short piece of clothesline, but long enough for a Hindu washing."

Start with left end of rope and run it through your hands. Give rope three or four tugs in different places, being careful to pull rope only outside of middle piece. This convinces audience that rope is strong and is in one piece.

"Strange to say, the rope has two ends and a middle. The middle should be about here in the center."

Run rope through your fingers until you hold a Gimmick between thumb and fingers of each hand.

Figure 52.

Bring two Gimmicks together and hold in left hand while you bring out scissors with right hand.

Figure 53.

To Jones, at left:

"Please take these scissors and cut the rope in two pieces of about equal length."

Figure 54.

Give him the scissors, then hold rope as shown in Figure 52, and have Jones cut rope between the two Gimmicks. Audience believes he is cutting the rope in half, but he is merely cutting the short middle piece between the two Gimmicks. Separate your hands about two feet so that all can see the separate pieces of rope.

Figure 54.

"Are you sure you cut the rope? Would you mind just cutting a piece off an end here for a souvenir?"

Have Jones cut about an inch from the short piece in your right hand.

"Now cut a piece from the other end here."

Jones cuts a piece from the short rope in your left hand.

"Please examine the two ends. Give the scissors to the gentleman here and let him cut off the other two ends."

Bring lower ends up and have Smith cut about an inch from each. As he does this, let him hold the two lower ends, while you retain your hold on the two upper ends in your left hand.

Bring your right hand up to left and palm off the two short pieces from Gimmicks on ends of long ropes. Carry these away between thumb and base of first finger.

When two ends are cut and examined by Smith, reach into right trousers' pocket. Leave the two stubs of rope there and bring out the ring.

"This is a Magic Hindu Ring. Will you, Mr. Smith, look at it closely?"

Hold both ropes apart in your hands, keeping Gimmicks at top covered by fingers.

"By the way, are you sure that you cut the rope in half? I want you to be sure so that afterwards you will not say, 'Well, maybe the rope wasn't cut.' Mr. Smith, will you hold one end, and Mr. Jones, you the other? Now, the Hindu ties these two ends together into a knot."

Bring your two hands together and snap the two ropes together by the Gimmick. Do this noiselessly and under cover of your hands. Keep Gimmick in left hand and wrap rope several times around this hand. This prevents any accidental opening of Gimmick.

Figure 55 shows your position now in relation to spectators assisting you.

"Mr. Smith, will you please slip the ring on to the rope and let it slide down to my hand?"

As he does this, take hold of his end of rope with your right hand and have him release it.

Figure 56.

"It is impossible for the ring to go farther because of my hand. But watch closely, for you are about to see a HINDU MIRACLE. Behold!"

Allow the rope to unwrap from left hand. The rope then straightens out between your right hand and left-hand spectator, and ring slides down to left end of rope.

"The rope becomes whole again!"

Take rope from Jones and allow ring to slide off into your left hand. Place ring in pocket.

Run rope through your hands, keeping it in motion so that Gimmicks will not be detected by assistants. Pull on rope several times to show it is whole, keeping on each side of the Gimmick. Dismiss gentlemen assisting you.

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