Method C

THIS IS ONE OF THE FINEST OF THE ROPE TRICK METHODS. In performing, you bring in an apparently unprepared roll of clothesline.

Take either a ball of clothesline or the regular roll in which it is sold. Figure 4 5.

Unroll the clothesline and straighten it out. Allowing about ten inches for A, about six inches for B, and six or seven feet for C, attach a Gimmick to the ends of A and B-- B and C -- C and D.

Figure 46.

Figure 46.

Figure 50.

Roll clothesline back into original form, even to placing a piece of paper around it as shown in Figure 45.

To perform, unwrap the roll of clothesline and unroll it to two or three feet beyond the last Gimmick. Pick up scissors and cut rope an inch or so beyond Gimmick on D.

Figure 4 7.

Place roll of clothesline aside and show piece you have cut off. Bring the two ends together in left hand. Backs of hands are to audience. Steal off little piece of D from the Gimmick and pocket it.

Figure 4 8.

Bring right hand up to left again and pull Gimmick apart between A and B. Now hold A and B in left hand and end of C in right hand. Separate hands a little.

Figure 49.

Use routine of Method B to get A tied around long rope and then continue effect by Method A.

Figure 50.

To dispose of Gimmick at end of A, just cut the ends of the knot shorter and put the pieces in your pocket.

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