Method 2

This method is one of the best. The effect is similar to Method 1, except that no flap is required.


Performer shows two blank slates and places a small piece of chalk between them. They are given to a spectator to hold, and when they are opened, it is found that a message has mysteriously appeared between them.


1 -- Two school slates the same size.

2 -- A very small piece of chalk that will fit between the slates.

3 -- If desired, a piece of tape to wrap around slates.

To Prepare:


To Prepare:

Write message on one side of one slate with piece of chalk. Until you learn effect, call this slate No. 1, the message side A and the other side B. The other slate is No. 2 with sides C and D. Just for practice purposes mark the slates.

Figure 33

After you have routine mastered, omit letters as audience must see only blank slates.

Have small piece of chalk on table.

To Perform:

Pick up slates, holding them parallel to each other and close together. Have side B facing audience. Have both hands at about middle of edges of slates.

Figure 34.

Revolve slates downward to show side D. Figure 35.

Then bring slates back again to position shown in Figure 34.

Separate slates, holding B in right hand and C in left. Figure 36.

Bring slates together again, placing C on B. The message is now at the rear.

Figure 37.

Hold slates in left hand with C upward. Message is on the bottom.

Figure 38.

"Oh, I forgot to put a piece of chalk in between the slates. We must have a piece of chalk."

Lift upper slate and hold in right hand, showing C side to audience. Turn it over to show D, then C again. Place slate down on lower slate again to cover it only partially.

"Here is a piece of chalk."

Pick up the small piece of chalk and place it on C. Pick up lower slate with right hand and show side B to audience, concealing message at rear. Now place this slate on C and square up the two slates. B is uppermost and the message is now between the slates. Show sides D and B again by revolving slates as shown in Figures 34 and 35.

When you first place slates together, the skeptics in audience may feel that they would like to examine slates more closely. But when you open slates and show blank insides under pretense of placing chalk between them, audience is satisfied that slates are blank on all sides. Tapes may be tied around slates and spectator may be allowed to hold slates. Then slates are opened and message is found to have appeared between them.

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