Method 2


Performer gives a slate to spectators for examination. He then washes both sides of it with a wet sponge. Slate is wrapped in a piece of newspaper and given to member of audience to hold. When paper is removed, a message is found on the slate.


The secret lies in writing the message backwards with soft white chalk in the middle of a sheet of newspaper.

Figure 39.

After slate has been examined, wash it with sponge. Then wrap it in prepared piece of newspaper so that chalked part of paper comes against one side of slate. Run hand over paper or rub it over knee as you wrap slate to get message on to slate. The wet slate causes chalk to stick to it. Be sure that slate is not too wet and will dry easily.

Give wrapped slate to a spectator to hold, then at proper moment, unwrap slate and crush newspaper into a ball and toss it aside. Show message on slate.

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