Method 2


Similar to the effect of Method 1, except that performer actually calls out the names of the dead people before slips are unfolded.


1 -- A sheet of commercial size writing paper.

3 -- A sheet of carbon paper for use with a pencil.

Inside of two of the used envelopes on the side of the address, paste a piece of carbon paper with the carbon side toward inside of envelope.

Figure 4.

Fold the piece of writing paper like a letter and place it inside of the envelope between the carbon and back of envelope. This paper may be a letter, blank on the back.

Now if someone places a piece of paper on the address side of the envelope and writes on it, a carbon impression will be made on the letter inside of the envelope. As the envelopes have been used and are taken from the inside coat pocket seemingly to fit the emergency and give spectators something to write on, they arouse no suspicion.

To Perform:

Tear sheet of paper into strips and pass them around with pencils as in Method 1. Give spectators envelopes to write on. Give the two people who write the names of dead persons each a prepared envelope to write on. After slips are ready, have them folded and dropped into borrowed hat. Collect envelopes, getting the two prepared envelopes on top.

"Men folks are often joshed about carrying their wives' letters around in their pockets and forgetting to mail them. I have been carrying these around with the intention of answering them some time. Here is one from an old college pal."

Pull out letter from prepared envelope with the carbon writing toward yourself. Pull it out just far enough to see name of dead person written on it and then push it back into envelope.

"He says, 'Am broke. Send me a hundred.' A hundred what? I haven't sent the hundred."

Place this envelope at bottom of others. Slip letter out of next prepared envelope a little to read name of other dead person written there.

"Oh, that's a letter from my tailor. I guess I had better put them away."

Thus in a joking manner, you have gained the information you need. Another way of getting these names is to turn your back for a moment on some pretense and then slip letters out of envelopes far enough to see names. Another method for getting the name of one dead person is to take letter from prepared envelope and on side opposite to that which has carbon writing scribble something with a pencil, while you tell audience to concentrate on names written. You pretend to show the manner in which the names were written and that gives you the excuse of taking letter from envelope and seeing name.

Sometimes by bulging open end of envelope, you can see inside and observe what was written.

Go through routine of taking folded papers from hat and placing them on your forehead to pick out the dead people. With showmanship tell the names of the dead persons. Assume that one is Napoleon Bonaparte.

"As I hold this paper on my forehead, I get an impression of an army, a French army — an army of another period in history. Standing out is a small figure, his arms crossed. Has anyone here been thinking of Napoleon Bonaparte?"

Or suppose the name is a strange one, such as Mary Smith. Tell it in this manner:

"I get an impression of a woman. Her first name begins with an M. Just a moment -I think I can catch it. Mary! That's right -- her first name is Mary. Mary Smith. Who was thinking of Mary Smith?"

You may open slips of paper and show spectators the names written on each.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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