Manipulative Methods For Vanishing A Coin

1 -- Front Thumb Palm Vanish.

Have coin in Finger Tip Clip position in right hand. Figure 26.

Pretend to throw coin into open left hand, but as right hand makes motion of throwing towards left hand, curve the first and second fingers with coin inward to crotch of thumb. Figure 27.

Close thumb against coin until it is held in regular Front Thumb Palm position. When coin is secure, fingers, of course, are straightened out. Figure 28.

Right hand continues its movement without a noticeable pause and goes to left hand, which should be quickly closed about it. Figure 29.

3 -- Front Flat Palm Vanish.

To the audience it appears that you have actually placed coin in left hand. Withdraw right hand, still holding coin, and open left hand to show that coin has disappeared. Beware of sudden jerky moves. Be graceful. Put "class" into your manipulations.

This is a continuation of the above vanish. When coin is apparently placed in left hand and hand closed about it, left arm is raised above the level of the waistline. Right arm is, of course, brought on a level with left. Figure 30.

Right hand should be brought just above the left top pocket in your coat. You will find it very easy to drop the coin in that pocket. Figure 31. Be sure to keep your eyes on your left hand.

Lower right hand slightly then. Now left hand is opened again and shown empty and right hand may also be shown empty. Some performers sew a piece of stiffening to upper edge of pocket to keep it open and easy to get things into.

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