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You can start in magic with very little money and earn your way step by step. As you progress you can add to your publicity in a way not possible at the beginning. As I have already said, the best way is to start with clubs, lodges and the various organizations that want entertainment for their members. You get a guaranteed sum for your services and require no posters, newspaper or handbill advertising to get the crowd. You sell your performance to the entertainment committee and then let them furnish the audience. Of course, the better you can sell yourself, the more money you will get for your services. You can sell yourself direct or hire an agent or manager to do so.

In selling yourself to clubs, schools, etc., it is well to have a scrap book containing any press notices you have saved from time to time and photos of yourself in action. This is not necessary, but it helps in selling as it gives something concrete for the buyer to visualize.

YOU CAN SELL FASTER THROUGH THE EYE THAN ANY OF THE OTHER SENSES. That is why a demonstration helps a buyer to visualize what he is buying. If you were selling a dog, you could describe the dog in words but if you would trot out the dog, one glance shows what he looks like.

In getting photographs of yourself, try to get something distinctive and unusual that will tell a story at a glance. It may cost you a bit more in the beginning to employ a good photographer, but you save money by it in the end. With high-lighting and shadow effects you can add mystery to your pictures.

I will give you samples of good photography that will aid you in getting yours done. There is human interest in each photo.

The usual size is 8 x 10 inches. Photos can be finished if desired in various colors or various tones of paper. I have just had some attractive photos made, printed in black on a gold toned paper. The yellowish tinge makes the picture pleasing to look at.

Where you are sold personally, an attractive sales book will work wonders in helping to book you. Have someone who is artistically inclined help you arrange the book. You can purchase a high type scrap book at one of the department or photographic supply stores. It should have a good attractive cover and bespeak of elegance.

Extra copies of the same photos that you have taken for the book can be used in many other ways in the preparation of folders, magazine articles, newspaper ads, etc.

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