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paper with enamel finish printed with rich brown or blue ink. Get four good photographs of yourself doing feature tricks. Have half-tone cuts made of them by a good engraving house -- the sizes these should be are marked on the layout for the folder. Have the engraver use about 120 screen on them. The folder has four pages and is made up of one sheet printed on both sides and folded in the middle.

The photographs should be only half figures. One may be a closeup. Tell the photographer that you want to get a great deal of interest into them -- something with sales power.

If you have a good press notice or recommendation from some organization which is short and snappy, have it set up in small italics somewhere on the folder. It is a good idea to get recommendations after you play a date. Watch the newspapers and club bulletins and such for articles about you. Put them away in a scrap book for future use in selling yourself. Perhaps you have played some schools in a certain county and can get the Superintendent of Schools sufficiently interested to give you a recommendation -- or perhaps the superintendent of the individual school will give you a good testimonial. Earn your way through as a gentleman every time and make your work so good that people will be glad to recommend you.

To return to the folder--Be sure your name and address are on the folder so that people can get in touch with you. In mailing the folder, always use first class mailing as this is the safest and quickest way to send it. When you interview people personally, leave a copy or two of the folder with them for future reference.

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Mystery after Mystery in Rapid Succession

The Cream of Magic at Your Command

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American, lüiroppar and Oriental Effects

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You Can Do Ii Easily with this Evenmg'i Program

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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