Magic Develops Your Personality

Personality plays an important part in Magic. It has a reciprocal relation to the Art—that is, to use a common phrase, it works both ways: Personality is developed by learning Magic and becoming a Magician, and success as a Magician depends a great deal on personality.

How Magic Develops Your Personality

Magic gives you confidence. That is a big factor in developing a strong personality -- confidence. First you must study and practice faithfully so that the presentation of your tricks may be excellent. Then you will gain confidence in your ability to present your tricks with skill and effectiveness. This confidence will be apparent to the audience and it will convey to them the impression that you have a strong, positive personality. And, indeed, this confidence will develop your personality and will enable you to make a strong impression in performing.

You know how confidence works in a social way. At a party or at a club gathering, it is always the fellow with confidence in himself who is the popular one. He is the man with "personality plus." Very often this man has developed his personality through some talent -- he may sing or play the piano, or he may be a good storyteller. Now, just think what an advantage you have over even this established favorite.

You are learning an Art which is more entertaining than any other and one which is different. If you were until now just an unnoticed member of the crowd, you can become the

popular one who is invited to every party and is well known. And all because you will have a wonderful art with which to come before any crowd. And this art gives you a distinctive personality that is always remembered.

The patter, which I give you with each trick, also helps to develop your personality. If you have been a little shy of speaking before a group, here is your opportunity to overcome any such weakness. You have something to say and you have something to do when you come before a group as a Magician. You have an opportunity to be funny, and when you see that you can make people laugh and that you can arouse their wonder and their admiration, your personality will respond and will become strong and positive.

Thus Magic brings you one of the essentials of success -- a forceful personality. You will find Magic an invaluable aid to you in developing personality in your social life, in your business or your profession, and if you plan to go on the stage the value to you of your personality in Magic will actually be measured in dollars and cents.

How Your Success as a Magician Depends on Your Personality

First impressions can make or break you. The first few moments that you are before your audience are the crucial moments. In a flash your audience decides whether they like you or not, and whether you are a Magician or not. It is vitally important that in those first few moments you sell yourself to your audience. You must get their good will right at the start.

This first impression depends on your personality and you must study the essentials which will gain for you the good will of your audience.

A person may have ability but if his personality is weak, he can never be really successful. The impression he makes on his audience is negative and he is either forgotten as soon as his performance is over or else he is remembered as a poor performer. So remember these things:

1 - Know your tricks perfectly.

2 - Be confident in your ability to present them.

3 - Give your patter in a strong, forceful manner.

4 - Try to maintain always a natural manner. To sum it all up -You must have a strong personality to be a success at Magic.

Magic helps you to develop the personality which success at Magic requires.

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