Location Of Cards In A Hat Shuffle


Several cards are selected, marked if desired, and returned to deck. Deck is shuffled and dropped into a hat. Inside of the hat, cards are thoroughly shuffled around. Spectator is then asked to hold hat. Performer reaches into hat with his right hand and brings out, one at a time, the selected cards.


Deck is shuffled. Have several cards selected and removed from deck. Each spectator may mark his card for identification.

Divide deck into two equal portions and have first spectator place his card on lower half. Place upper portion on this, keeping little finger of left hand over selected card. Riffle front edge of cards to give impression that deck is all together.

Go to second spectator. Divide deck again at point held by little finger and have second selected placed on top of first one. Spectators believe that you merely cut the deck at random each time to receive spectator's card. Close pack again with little finger in position.

Continue this until all selected cards have been gathered up. They are all together on top of the lower half of deck, over which you are holding your little finger.

Do the SIMPLIFIED PASS, bringing all the selected cards to the top of the deck. Also riffle shuffle the deck without disturbing position of selected cards.

"Several cards have been selected and returned to the deck and then shuffled well into the deck. To mix the cards even more, I shall drop them into this hat."

Drop cards into a derby or soft hat with a flat bottom. Place the cards with backs up. Shake the hat vigorously from side to side as though mixing the cards up. In reality, you can shake the hat from side to side without disturbing the order of the cards. Try it. They slide back and forth a little but do not mix. A little practice will give you the knack.

Figure 17.

You may even give the hat an occasional shake up and down without disturbing the cards if you do it carefully.

"Now, I shall ask you, sir, to hold the hat up high for a few moments. You can first see that the cards are well mixed."

Let spectator look into hat and have him square up the deck. Then have him hold the hat up high enough so that no one can see into it.

Show both your hands, fingers wide apart.

"Ordinarily, it would be impossible to locate cards in such a mixed condition, yet, I find with sensitive fingers and an impressionistic mind that strange things happen."

Turn to spectator who placed his card in the deck last. His card is the top one on the deck.

"What was your card, sir? The Five of Hearts?"

Show right hand empty and reach into hat. Pull out top card and show it. "There you are, sir. The Five of Hearts. Next!"

Continue this production of selected cards, taking the spectators in the reverse order in which they place their cards back into the deck.



Three cards are chosen, returned to deck, and shuffled in. Deck is placed in the empty inside coat pocket of a spectator. When Magician counts Three, spectator reaches into his pocket and produces one selected card. This is repeated until all three selected cards have been produced.


After deck has been shuffled, have three cards selected by three spectators. Have the three cards returned to the deck as you did in the preceding experiment. They come on top of lower part of deck with little finger over them in preparation for the SIMPLIFIED PASS. Make the Pass and get cards to top of deck.

Riffle shuffle the deck, keeping the three selected cards at top of deck. Have a spectator come forward to assist you.

"Have you ever given a magical performance, sir? No! Good! Then, I shall let you give one this afternoon. I noted, as you were sitting there, that you possessed unusual magic powers. May I have the loan of your inside coat pocket?"

Sometimes a comedy touch is added here as spectator removes various papers and articles from his pocket.

"By using your own pocket, your magical powers will be strengthened."

Place the deck of cards in his pocket with backs of cards outward when coat is closed.

"As you know, three cards have been selected by various spectators, senators, office holders, and others in the audience. These were returned to the deck and lost somewhere in the shuffle. I really shouldn't say lost, even though to the rest of us they are lost, for I believe that at this very moment you, sir, know the exact position of each selected card."

Turn to spectator who last placed his card on the deck. "May I ask the name of your card, sir? The Seven of Clubs?" Now say to spectator assisting you:

"Hold your coat open with your right hand, and when I count THREE, reach into your pocket and with lightning-like rapidity, draw out a card with your left hand. Do not hesitate a moment, reach in, grab a card, and bring it out right away. Are you ready? One - two - three!"

Spectator reaches in quickly with left hand and grasps the card easiest to get at for you rush him. The card he invariably takes is the top card of the deck. When coat is held open, faces of cards are outward. When spectator reaches in, the farthest card away is the easiest for him to grasp.

Figures 18 and 19.

"There you are, sir, the Seven of Clubs. Like lightning, he finds them."

Continue this with the second spectator who selected a card, and finally with the first. When the three cards have been produced, take the deck from spectator's pocket.

"Tell your friends anything about your magic power, and if they didn't believe you before, they will now."


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