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Paste these two edges well together. At both ends cut off the seamed side of the envelope about two inches, leaving the other side for flaps. Fold up one of these flaps and paste to envelope. Fold over other end but do not seal.


To Prepare:

Take the envelope and just through the front cut a slit across the middle. This leaves the back of the envelope whole. At each end of the slit cut away a tiny triangle of the paper. This is done to make it easy to insert the point of the scissors and make the cut across the envelope complete in one movement, when you come to that part of the trick. Be careful that these little cut triangles do not show from the back of the envelope.

Figure 21.

Insert a small Japanese fan in the envelope to keep it extended and so facilitate the working of the experiment.

Place envelope with fan in it, on table, prepared side of envelope down. Have ribbon and scissors handy.

To Perform:

Pick up envelope with fan. Keep prepared side concealed in hand.

"In life's many illusions, things are! not always what they seem. Things have both a material self and a spirit or ghostly self. When we deal with the latter, we find some interesting phenomena. This brings us to an odd mystery — that of the Ghostly Ribbon."

Open the envelope, remove fan and place it aside. Be sure to keep prepared side of envelope away from audience.

Pick up scissors and cut off the sealed bottom end of envelope.

"This is really a mystery of Old England, involving an envelope with the bottom cut off. The reason for this is to make a tube of the envelope through which a ribbon can be freely passed."

Press edges of envelope a little to make it bulge. Pick up ribbon and insert one end in top of envelope. Let ribbon slide down through whole length of envelope and out the bottom end. Have ends of ribbon extending from envelope of equal length.

Take envelope in left hand as shown in Figure 23. Flap end of envelope is toward your right hand. Prepared side is toward you and away from audience. This figure shows how the audience sees the envelope. Insert your scissors ready to cut.

Figure 24 shows the actual operation of the cutting. This view is toward yourself. Insert one point of the scissors into the bottom of the slit in the envelope. Pass scissors up UNDER the ribbon and out through the top end of the slit. You can readily see that when you cut the ribbon will be unharmed.

"Now we take this ordinary pair of scissors, and with it we cut. There is a peculiar thing about this Ghostly Ribbon, however. It is like ghostly vapor."

Cut envelope in half with scissors. One clean cut should be sufficient to separate it into two sections. Withdraw scissors.

"Unlike the envelope, it will not stay cut, but immediately and invisibly merges into the whole ribbon again."

Separate the two sections of envelope and show that ribbon is still intact. Pull ribbon free of pieces of envelope and show it again.

Figure 25.

"To quote Old Mother Hubbard, 'There are more things in heaven and earth than we have dreamed of in our philosophy.'"

NOTE:—An experiment like this permits of good patter. You may use an old faded ribbon which looks Oriental and build a story around it about ancient times. You might say it was brought to you from an old castle in Persia by a ghost who inhabited it at one time. Or use any original ideas for patter which occur to you.

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