In this lesson I give you interesting material that you can use in putting on acts that demonstrate your seemingly marvellous mental and psychic powers.


While few people in the average audience know how to play chess, most people know enough about it to get the impression that it is complicated. It is not necessary that your audience know anything about the game to appreciate this effect. You sell them the idea of the difficulty of accomplishing the experiment in your Patter.


Performer has a blackboard on which are chalked off 64 small squares, each numbered. A spectator is asked to select any one of the numbers. The Magician then starts with that number to make his Chess Knight's Tour of the board. The problem which he solves is this: to move the Knight, starting at any point on the board, two squares at a time -- and thus to cover every square in 64 moves, ending up at the starting point.


1--A large blackboard ruled off into 64 squares. It is well to make the lines and the numbers with white paint so that they will not wash or rub off and board can be used permanently. If desired, this board can be made to fold up. It can be made of three or four pieces hinged together which fold down flat like a folding parlor screen. You can also secure a blackboard made of prepared cloth, and this can be rolled up. Some school supply companies sell these. The size of the board must be governed by the conditions under which you are performing. Be sure that it is large enough and that the numbers are plain enough to be seen by everyone in the audience.

Figure 1.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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