Eggs! Eggs! You are going to learn Egg Effects in the next lesson. I believe you are ready now for these interesting effects and so here are two mighty good ones with lots of good fun in them.

1 -- Humpty Dumpty Outdone. A spectator places a real egg into a handkerchief. He then is asked to feel of it through the handkerchief and to squeeze it hard with his hand. The egg breaks. Magician asks spectator to take egg out of handkerchief. Spectator is, of course, reluctant to do this because of the mess caused by a broken egg. He finally does, however, and takes the egg out whole as it was in the beginning.

2 -- A small cloth bag is shown empty and is given to a boy to hold. A girl is given a handkerchief to hold by its four corners. Magician drops an egg into the handkerchief. Suddenly this egg vanishes and appears in the bag which the boy holds. Then mysteriously this egg vanishes from the bag. Magician looks for it in the boy's coat and instead produces a pair of lady's stockings and other laugh-provoking articles. Finally the egg is found to have returned to the bag.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

There are a lot of things that either needs to be repaired, or put together when youre a homeowner. If youre a new homeowner, and have just gotten out of apartment style living, you might want to take this list with you to the hardware store. From remolding jobs to putting together furniture you can use these 5 power tools to get your stuff together. Dont forget too that youll need a few extra tools for other jobs around the house.

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