Lesson 24

Eggs, as apparatus, are the subject of this lesson--a delicate subject, and one which must be handled with care. I have, therefore, very carefully and thoroughly analyzed the effects in this lesson. I have made them simple and clear so that you can learn to do them easily and quickly.

Eggs have played a big part in successful Magic. The extremely puzzling effect which the experiments with eggs have on the audience are due to the nature of the material used. Eggs are so fragile and difficult to handle that spectators marvel at the Magician as he produces eggs and vanishes them in the most nonchalant manner.

In this lesson I teach you how to handle one egg at a time. Later on I teach you how to produce a quantity of eggs from an empty hat--an experiment which keeps an audience roaring with laughter.

Comedy is, of course, closely associated with eggs. In these effects which you learn today, there is opportunity for much good comedy.

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