A fascinating lesson with coins in which you learn to make the half dollars appear and disappear most mysteriously. You learn to pick them from here and there out of the air, from your elbow, from your knees, from a spectator's ear, from every imaginable place. And for presentation you learn these interesting effects:

1 -- The Miser's Dream. A quantity of coins are caught in rapid succession from the air with the empty hand, and are then tossed into a hat. More coins are then produced from your knees, from a lady's hair, etc.

2 -- A knot is tied in a borrowed handkerchief. A marked coin is then borrowed from a spectator and placed in an envelope. In a puzzling manner the coin travels from the envelope into the knot in the handkerchief.

3 -- Two clever methods for vanishing a coin which is wrapped in paper.

4 -- Two empty glass tumblers are shown. Into one are counted five half dollars. This is then held in left hand. Other glass is held in right hand some distance away. Upon command the coins pass one at a time from the left glass to the empty right one.


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