I know you must be enthusiastic over the first trick I gave you and are eager to begin on your second lesson.

I want you to go back to the first lesson from time to time and read it over carefully. Each time you study it and each time you practice the trick, the moves become more firmly fixed in your mind. Remember that to be clever at Magic you must know your tricks so well that the moves become automatic.

I gave you a great deal of the fundamentals of Magic in Lesson 1—foundation principles which apply throughout the course. To summarize, these are:

1—Angle of Visibility.

2—Naturalness in Performing.

3—Simplicity of Tricks.

4—Importance of Principles in Magic.

5—Importance of Patter.

6—Finger Palming.

An understanding of these must become a part of you as you will use them time and again in performing many, many tricks. Keep on practicing. Keep on studying. You will be gratified to find how fast you progress. Always with each new lesson you get, spend some time in reviewing the preceding lesson first. The new lesson may call for use of a principle in a preceding lesson in addition to the new fundamentals I give you, and you must have it well in hand.

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