Lesson 2

In this lesson I teach you four clever effects in which you utilize the Thumb Tip. Each trick can be worked at a moment's notice, and each effect is startling and very puzzling.

Basically, these four effects are one trick, dependent on one working principle and the use of the Thumb Tip. I give you the four effects to show you the value of a principle. Many, many tricks are based on this one principle of the Thumb Tip, "Vanish" and "Production." You may be able to originate other good effects and variations after you have mastered this lesson.

I do not advise your giving all four of these effects at one performance. Though there is no serious objection to performing one after another of these tricks, it is best to do only one or two tricks based on a certain mode of working at one performance.

Any one of these effects can be performed at the dinner table, at your club, in the parlor of a friend whom you are visiting, or on the stage.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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