Lesson 15

Step by step the great Magic of Cards is being made known to you. Card magic in its simplicity and its complexity is being laid before you in such a way that it can easily be mastered.

Do not lose sight of the fact that you must first learn the alphabet and pass through the preparatory schools before you can go to college.

Every sleight, every principle which I teach you has its purpose and every effect, simple or difficult, has its place in the great scheme of the whole. Consider nothing which I give you in this course as too simple to spend much time with. What to you now seems simple is something which for me has meant years of study and analysis to perfect and simplify. I have taken some of the most difficult moves and effects in magic and have made them possible for you to learn quickly and easily without the use of cumbersome and expensive apparatus and with none of the old effectiveness lost.

And, on the other hand, consider nothing which I give you too difficult to learn. It takes practice — faithful practice — to become a Master in anything. You are building for a big future and you must lay your foundation strong and solid. With each practice period the difficult moves become easier and before long you know that you have a real accomplishment.

Your ultimate goal is to have your moves become so much a part of your consciousness that you perform them perfectly and automatically. Then as you perform, your thoughts will be concentrated on SHOWMANSHIP and the Mastery of the Art will be yours.

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