Lesson 10

In the first nine lessons of this course I have given you many principles and effects on which the Magic Art is based. If you have practiced faithfully, and I am sure you have because the work is so fascinating, you are now ready to give a real performance. I want this -- your first public appearance as a Magician -- to be so successful that it will fire you with enthusiasm and make you realize how great are the rewards of the study of Magic.

The reason that I give you this lesson at this point is that I believe you are now ready to begin to break into public work. Of course, I expect you to make only a small beginning. You may invite some friends in for an evening and entertain them with your Magic, or you may arrange with some friend to entertain a group at his home. Then if you gain a little confidence in your ability, you may offer your services to entertain your club or lodge, or the church club. The Rotary club, The Kiwanians, The Lions, and various other organizations are constantly on the lookout for entertainers, and you may use them to get started in public work.

It might be well for you to do this first entertaining without charge to give you experience. Then when you think you are worth it, you may charge for your work. I want you to be making money with your Magic as soon as you can, and I believe that before you have finished the course you will have made up several times its cost by your performances.

Now for the necessary preliminaries before I discuss with you the actual presentation of your program:

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