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-Thinks Vp- Hta Trick.

"My fundi wrr< alwayi lira He d," aaya Dt. Tarbeli ;r. refmih« u> the se early day», "and »n 1 to ihtrdc ttfi my oun trick* »* I didn't have the money to Imy \ritk» it "TO WHOf-Jtnt? t\rcaO-.e oi tV<s Hern tfecftity |!v yovrtg ar«i»| .ie vised many t.uniB«ly or*ical featt and many t|»e«e idea« later became the ba«i« of i.on* «.4 the mrat boUUnt «ictt* of tnayic inai>v <A Mt rffeci* breathe the wyWtjf'+ <!tr i<u ca-t.

In additw»» to mime »trill l>r Tar^l Iwl! oik M tlu Uii.-na art««.» jk-1 t!!ttttr4(-<e<. in the widdie il>>'t v eom-pu-rn-il ioe wf»J of the iartfeit tvat-ftin. He m,.le an r «rudy

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a 1>K tdesa «f tejfl init mavn- by rjwrr-; ¡Wftidettcr «ra« a i>»;«rsl '«arcr*>aC» demand l?iat T. <. I'.vA oi

Clticajfo, ©»ie <mi »be l-rst l> n'-* r. *vxtf •|vwi«r«e M.-bo»>i a>«-< "W tbc <i««mtry. w-av :re<ju«'ntl> ^»rsik«^ ?»> fWO^Vr vrS«i i. wauted t<y foniw «»>) they tw tawtM 1-i««« by tn^d. ;'«-ere Ufjtriy KruwaM»"»., iliwwf* *r«!|

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Hoodtnt Booit» Hint

Isa-J Ir»-,« «lrean»tti i">f JiUvir v tfctil »zi or: « ?<»r vrit.'i mctJii-tix* «f.<i. -ml 1hr other profe»*M^t» t#t) ih-ey Wire, tltaM-fncjfc;

"TMt U«rtNC AND THE Or *D" tfc* tun •< tk. 4v»a tk.

¡«rtrre.wd when M'. Coot fcr.cached the tdta o| a (<<VlO<A. They *et out %'■ ».a,i ifctf Ik« r<|-j:p|<.l teacher. Harry Ifoad:« «a. »niched and **»>,: Kta'ly l.W « only man tn America xvln> ran tjo the Dr. HarU- Tart«» Thi» * troe

Tw llMM T«Wi *•»• H|>Ih> IK»t kit •wtrva m*ti..»», H at UrMn.

uf ike hlea ue*t «■•»♦tth.d f>r. A. .V \V»V *»«t ti Kar-4» lily. >ii:t»r IHc StAin« t'rw: t-Aria 1 i>eie»ti <•! the S-*»tiy uf Ame»

T«rt-eit »-a» the L ^te^l trwn. f h;» «av enunfih fur tbr - «wiuaft"* aad *o the ¿otto» »a-» calM ii; a» d «h* nrmevi him.

When i»l«nt had l«e«n Ttaiared « «at rrcoenirej riot the <t<tnra»t*

»v-t travel ut a central ^boot T heritor» tli- br-t ¡i-tiia jv , «il.de wan to imiUl a («•uri» >y nail -,■ ihtt ««iiM'V* tau«Vo at ItonK At (Wc mum' '¡mr the • -hi** nraa vi well iitn-traH-d «I'd e»j»!«»>e<4 that lh. work became a W1 textl-.-#4. (utal for »0 ritnte.

Il i «nalh thocL'ht tliffw«lt U> >?ct i .rW.hc l -r * new utter yd**, it»* Irwrn {he f>-t tV f<it ma«£" «»»•.* have '*.-cn

Urhisef IV. Tarbe'l ami have jvrat»<d f»i« ««.«V. i«« »a^»» then

School on Two Floor*

af I®- Stn»!«» »felc Ave., OlKtipU. an4 a lane* oatt 1» re.|Utird li« Itawife »be ba«»

A!tte-arft treirten>i.4>*h hn.y !V. Ta»-hell ha. I.1KI.I ttitii H. n«n at lit»» vke-|irea:«Ieat yi the Natix::»' t "fiai:\\ jh.

the »'a:r.oc» TarVli I:»« !««(&■ Rope M»*rfy. which fUml<ti. Rieat hrt/opean tlliHioRtM. »ay* ¡»the t.»w-i t'ifk ia «A*. e»ee. llf-ad«?»t ta:<i »' W»» llrt- '«-vt trie'* .irtpna'eil hi (UA jrirv tie .u-< Itr )!»»>••«; r^t'vuie.lj t>n». ih Tarhjl» o? htt: yea/*. eapec'uTiy. lis» hvl ZtH'.e tin»e rntctta.n *.> I!•«- voktk has l»»« dented t'w .^«¡riKtrtft •rrtra ih-» '*f,ti•«!» e*jv a<tit !.f one <d tf»e tr«»»t

-i«xt%c WITH rME UKGEX rtTS" wita '?« ImwI »til MHn. iA.p>*

>«»• —A tiUeh I. D> T..WB a...,.,.,.»—

•AjK»« *>J <•*«« unr.» rn <»ti. b.M at • ..•in» Ira* kit fHtjp-t (-r»-

«.I ¿ft art-» H< w . trr. aiit-< c«"»i--ultial'le (kkii!iataTi she i'Nod Horraa t^ N'e» Vwk hat «s(f«fc<i 'ti irettwa hi« nmr t-> acci:!ra<t ca'l.n* foe hw. to oiftr « tl. tst.'RMraitil Jecttre ovi uaa«(ic tor a bsr.ite»! ti*a*t<fi<Rt Mf, !'•'<<> fca-i «earclad !.ir .-rte, r«|-tipor.l i»:^

isitlv t»' do tT-a.Mc bat t,. Ire! MTV ;ki the »nl.;rci an'l to Vprfo l-<yo.»il etpectation hi «eewru-R the WW Vrvi* a a. th» "ma«trr nrci" or« »he »»th-

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

There are a lot of things that either needs to be repaired, or put together when youre a homeowner. If youre a new homeowner, and have just gotten out of apartment style living, you might want to take this list with you to the hardware store. From remolding jobs to putting together furniture you can use these 5 power tools to get your stuff together. Dont forget too that youll need a few extra tools for other jobs around the house.

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