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Another version of the "Multiplication of Money" experiment.


Performer brings forward small plate on which are fifteen coins. These he pours into a spectator's hand, who counts them one at a time onto the plate to prove that there are fifteen coins. Performer is given two of the coins, and then the rest are again returned to spectator's hand. Thus thirteen are left in the hand. Magician wraps the two coins in a handkerchief and gives them to spectator to hold also in other hand. Upon command the two coins disappear from the handkerchief and appear mysteriously with the thirteen coins. Spectator counts coins one at a time and finds that he holds fifteen in his hand.


1 -- Seventeen coins, preferably palming coins or half dollars.

3 -- Special handkerchief with two coins sewed into corner, as described in preceding experiment.

4 -- Small piece of wax, as in above effect. SECRET AND PATTER:

To Prepare:

Place small piece of wax, less than an eighth of an inch in diameter, on bottom button of vest. Put special handkerchief in a handy pocket.

Have fifteen coins on plate and two under it, held in hand, as in preceding experiment.

To Perform:

Come forward with plate and coins arranged as described, holding them in left hand.

Have spectator come up from audience and stand at your left.

"I have had people say that they liked the experiment I am about to perform because there is money in it. I suppose, sir, that you too are interested in money. Now, I have a whole plate of it. These are thirty-dollar gold pieces -- I do not know what they are made of, perhaps white gold or tin."

Pick up one coin and show it to audience. Replace it on plate.

"There are fifteen of these coins."

Pour coins from plate into your right hand, keeping coins under plate in position.

"I will ask you to take them."

Give coins to spectator helping you.

"And count them one at a time out loud cm this plate as I hear a peculiar vibration passing through some of the members before us signifying their doubt as to whether there are fifteen coins."

Spectator counts coins one at a time aloud and places them on plate. If he does not count loud enough, count with him. Be sure that everyone is satisfied that there are fifteen coins.

"Fifteen. You are to be congratulated on your counting."

Grasp plate with right hand and pour coins into left hand. Hold back of plate toward audience in this case. Pour the fifteen coins into the left hand with the two coins already there. Figure 7.

Now give coins to assistant.

NOTE: If you desire, you may pour the coins from the plate into your right hand, also releasing the two coins from under the plate and allowing them to drop with the rest. Or if you prefer, coins may be poured directly into assistant's hand, holding plate in left hand.

"Please hold the FIFTEEN coins again -- in your left hand."

When spectator has coins in hand, say,

"Close your hand tightly so that none of the money will evaporate. They say that money is hard to hold onto. That's why I want you to hold the coins tight."

The real reason is that you do not want him to see the coins and count them.

"By the way, before we go any further, I want to borrow TWO of the coins. Will you give me just two of them?"

Take the two coins from spectator.

"Now close your hand tight again. Pretend you are a Scotchman whose wife has asked him to buy her a new hat."

Take small piece of wax from vest button with right hand and press it onto the center of one of the coins. Keep waxed side toward you and away from audience.

Hold coins in full view in left hand. Slip front coin back of the other so that wax comes between them. Do not press together as yet.

Reach into pocket and remove special handkerchief with right hand. Throw it over left arm. Transfer two coins to right hand, then cover left hand with handkerchief and place coins at left finger tips. Grasp them thorough the handkerchief. Be sure to have faked corner of handkerchief away from audience.

Wrap up the two coins as you did in preceding effect, raising the faked corner to center and wrapping coins therein. Grasp fake corner through the handkerchief in left hand and with right press the two free coins together.

FRONT THUMB PALM the double coin in right hand and remove from under handkerchief.

"Will you please grasp the two coins with your thumb and finger tips of your right hand? Now keep your hands apart."

Give handkerchief to spectator so that he grasps the faked corner in the center of it. He holds this in right hand and the rest of the coins, supposedly 13, in his left hand. Fig. 8 shows position of assistant.

Now raise your right hand to upper left coat pocket and drop double coin in it. It will not click if pocket is empty for wax holds the two coins tight together. It is well, as suggested before, to have a little stiffening in upper part of pocket to keep it open. Sometimes a fountain pen in one corner of the pocket answers the purpose.

"Do you feel them? Just hold these two coins in Scotchman fashion. Imagine you are a banker and someone wants to borrow some money. It takes a magician to get money from some people nowadays. Anyway what I intend to do is to cause the two coins over here to jump back with the other coins over there. You would, no doubt, be surprised to see them jump. Of course, they may jump without your seeing them. They say it is hard to see money sometimes, especially when it is scarce. There is a lot turned out of the mint that you and I never see."

Take hold of one corner of the handkerchief.

"Are you ready to see the money go? Money goes fast -usually faster than it comes, so watch closely. You still feel the coins, sir? All ready — Go!"

Whisk handkerchief suddenly out of spectator's hands. The coins in it have apparently vanished.

"They've gone."

Place handkerchief in pocket or on table as you pick up saucer.

"No doubt, you feel the weight in your left hand heavier by two coins. Please count the coins out on the plate again, and you will find that instead of thirteen coins you have FIFTEEN for the two coins have passed over into your left hand."

Assistant counts coins one at a time aloud until the fifteen have been counted.


NOTE: In case you are performing and have no wax handy, vanish one of the coins in your upper left coat pocket, then drop the other coin in another pocket when convenient.

Or you may use this ruse for vanishing both coins. Take out your watch for the purpose of taking the assistant's pulse. As you do so, drop both coins into your pocket.

Hold assistant's wrist for a few seconds, then say, "Yes, your heart is all right." Replace watch in pocket and proceed with experiment. Sometimes I allow two coins to remain Finger Palmed until I jerk handkerchief from spectator's hand. Then I place coins and handkerchief in pocket.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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