Thumb-Fingertip Vertical Hold.

Hold coin in vertical position between tips of thumb and first two fingers.

Figure 19 shows view away from audience and toward performer.

Figure 20 shows hand and coin as seen by audience.

5 -- Production Clip.

This is an excellent hold for production of coins in the "Miser's Dream" and other coin productions. Hold coin between tips of thumb and index finger. Practice letting coin come from various holds and palms to this Production Clip. Figure 21.

Hold coin by edges between tips of thumb and first finger. Figure 22.

7 -- Flat Finger Position.

Hold coin flat on two middle fingers, near the base as shown in Figure 23.

8 -- Fist Horizontal and Fist Vertical Holds.

Lay coin flat on top of closed hand over the thumb and first finger. Figure 24.

Clip coin vertically into curled index finger with fist closed. Figure 25.

To vanish coin pretend to pick it up with right fingertips. When covered by fingers let coin drop into closed left hand. Carry right hand away as though containing coin. Open hand and show coin has vanished.

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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