Reach into deck and quickly remove a card about from the middle of it. Do it in a hurry so that spectator cannot see just where the card came from in the deck.

"I shall place the card in my pocket."

Keep back of card to audience and place it in your right trousers pocket. Audience believes this to be selected card.

When hand is in pocket, PALM the card and remove right hand with card in it. Place right hand on top of deck in a casual manner, leaving the card there. Whatever number selected card happens to be, this card adds one more number to it.

"Naturally, you are a bit suspicious as to whether the card I placed in my pocket is really your card. First of all, let me ask you what the number of your card is."

Assume that spectator says his card is twelfth from the top. "The twelfth card from the top. Let us count down twelve cards." Count off twelve cards, one at a time, into spectator's hand. "Please look to see whether the twelfth card is yours."

The moment his attention is MISDIRECTED to see what the twelfth card is, PALM off the thirteenth card in your right hand and place it in your right trousers pocket. This is the selected card.

"The twelfth is NOT your card, you say. Well, perhaps, the one I placed in my pocket is your card."

Remove card from pocket with back of it to audience.

"What was your card, may I ask?"

Spectator names card.

"The Nine of Spades. I thought so."

Turn card over and show to audience.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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