You take another sheet and open it up in similar fashion to cover opening of cabinet. You signal the girl assistant in rear compartment, who comes forward and is placed under sheet. Be sure bottom of sheet comes down to floor- She crouches down and is covered by the sheet. She moves to the left and front of cabinet. Fig. 40.

You hold up another sheet over opening of cabinet and signal your double to come forward. He takes hold of the sheet. You release your hold. The sheet is lowered with bottom on floor. You step down onto floor, crouch down and your double covers you over. You come forward in crouched position to center. Fig. 41.

Your double in cabinet pulls curtain in front of

him. Then he exits into rear compartment and pulls the cords which open the curtain. Or curtain can be opened by girl assistant.

The assistant at right side raises up and removes the sheet covering him.

The assistant at left side raises up and removes the sheet covering her.

Then, with all eyes of audience on the central figure, you raise up and remove sheet showing the figure to be you, who just a moment ago apparently vanished in the cabinet. You quickly remove mask, headpiece and cloak, Fig. 42.

The transformation and appearance of performer at the finish is quite unexpected and startling.

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Woodworking Tools and Installation Tips

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