A Dove Pan.

Figure 39 shows pan with cover as it appears to audience.

Figure 40 shows a cross section of pan and cover,

Figure 41 is a diagram showing construction of pan and cover. The pan has an inner insert or compartment. When this is placed in the cover, springs inside of cover hold it securely in place. Cover can be handled freely without danger of insert falling out. When insert and cover are placed down in pan, the insert fits into pan and is held there by friction so that cover can be lifted off without insert.

Figure 42 shows pan and cover with insert in it. The load is carried in this insert and is transferred to pan by placing cover on pan. There is enough space between bottom of pan and insert for eggs, paper, etc. We can supply you with good Dove Pan at reasonable figure.

To Prepare:

Let us assume that you are going to produce two doves. Place them in insert of Dove Pan and adjust cover.

Have pan on table and loaded cover nearby to rear and side of pan. Have other cooking materials on a tray.

To Perform:

This effect may be performed quickly in pantomime or it may be pattered. When there are many children in audience, it is well to patter it.

"How would you like a lesson in cooking? Suppose I show you how to make a snoofle bird pie. First of all, we must have a pan."

Pick up pan and hit bottom to show it empty. Replace on table.

"We must start with an egg."

Break egg on side of pan and, holding egg above pan, let contents fall into pan so that audience can see it. Throw in the shells. This gives a comedy touch.

"Then a few yards of torn paper."

Pick up piece of paper about 12 inches square and tear it into small pieces, dropping them into pan.

"Some seasoning."

Season ingredients well with salt cellar. "Some flavor."

Pour alcohol and a little ether into pan—just enough to give a good flame when lighted. You might put a little catsup in just before the alcohol if you desire.

"And a little fire."

Light match and touch it to the alcohol, putting match into pan. Allow flames to flash up for a few seconds, but be careful not to get pan too hot.

Figure 43.

Place loaded cover down on pan, being careful not to show bottom of it as you do so. Press cover down tightly to release insert into pan.

"And we have a snoofle bird pie."

Remove cover and doves fly out of pan.

It is not always convenient to have doves, and for a children's performance, it is a good stunt to produce a pan full of candy kisses. You can then toss them, a handful at a time, to various parts of the audience.

Figure 45.

A comedy effect is to have the pan filled with a string of weiners. Baby chicks or ducks are interesting—or a guinea pig, small rabbit, or white mice.

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